Baizhu will be the featured 5-star character in the first phase of Genshin Impact 3.6. Naturally, some players might wonder if he's worth wishing for when his banner debuts. With Dehya being super underwhelming, fans are afraid Baizhu would be similar.

However, this is not the case - Baizhu's whole skill set has already been leaked, and it is pretty clear that Baizhu will be yet another powerful piece in the popular Dendro lineup.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 reasons to pull for Baizhu in Genshin Impact 3.6.

1. Very F2P-friendly

As 5-star characters are very hard to get, they usually need to be perfectly functional at C0 to be considered F2P friendly. Baizhu's kit completely fulfills these criteria. He can heal all allies, apply a ton of Dendro on enemies, and create a weak shield that regenerates and lasts for a long time.

Overall, both his heal and shield are designed to mitigate Dendro cores' self-damage, which has been the biggest issue for Bloom teams since 3.0 was released.

Genshin Impact Baizhus Elemental Burst Animation
Baizhu Burst Animation

On top of that, Baizhu does not really need his signature weapon. His kit works really well with a craftable 4-star catalyst - Prototype Amber. It provides HP%, regenerates team Energy, and provides additional healing for the team. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers is also a great alternative (which players probably already have).

Prototype Amber
The Prototype Amber was not that popular, as its damage is rather low and its skill does not boost offensive stats.

Having a suitable craftable weapon is one of the biggest criteria for F2P, as a lot of 5-stars need their signatures or 5-star weapons. Players can easily get the Prototype Amber to Refinement 5.

2. Good off-field Dendro application

Baizhu's kit inflicts multiple Dendro instances over a period of 14 seconds. This gives players ample time for their rotation. With Dendro being a reaction-focused element, Baizhu can fit into many teams, from Bloom to Quicken.

Some Genshin Impact theory crafters think he would be able to compete with Nahida for the best Dendro support position, although Nahida will likely end up being stronger in damage. Nonetheless, running both characters is definitely an option.

3. Both his Elemental Skill and Burst can heal

Baizhu's healing is pretty much the best type of healing - small instances that last for a long duration. This eliminates overhealing, allowing players to get better efficiency out of each cast. He is much better than Yaoyao as his abilities require much less field time.

Genshin Impact Baizhu Card 1
Baizhu has been teased in Genshin Impact since Liyue.

The healing from Baizhu's skill and burst scales off his Max HP, which means building artifacts for him is much easier. Players can just focus on raising Baizhu's HP stat to boost both his healing and damage.

4. Useful and versatile Passives

Baizhu is fairly versatile - he has both offensive and defensive passives:

Herbal Nourishment

When Baizhu is in the party, interacting with certain collectible items will heal your currently active character for 2.5% of Baizhu’s Max HP. This should be useful in daily resource gathering - players should be able to heal back the chip damage they take.

Five Fortunes Forever

Baizhu gains different effects according to the current HP of your currently active character:

  • When their HP is less than 50%, Baizhu gains 20% Healing Bonus.
  • When their HP is equal to or more than 50%, Baizhu gains 25% Dendro DMG Bonus.

This passive buffs Baizhu based on the current situation - he gets a healing bonus when the team needs healing, and a damage bonus when it's not. This ability is super well designed.

All Things Are of the Earth

Characters who are healed by Healing Holism will gain the Year of Verdant Favor effect: Each 1,000 Max HP that Baizhu possesses below 50,000 will increase the Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reaction DMG dealt by these characters by 2%, while the Aggravate and Spread reaction DMG dealt by these characters will be increased by 0.8%. This effect lasts 6s.

This passive boost the team's damage - players can get up to 100% bonus Bloom damage for the active character with Baizhu at 50k HP. This bonus is only 40% for Aggravate and Spread, which is still massive.

Nahida Genshin Impact
Nahida would synergize well with Baizhu.

Overall, this passive makes Baizhu and Nahida the best Dendro support duo in the game now - he removes the need for a healer like Kokomi, allowing Bloom teams to run more offensive supports like Xingqiu or Yelan.

5. Baizhu is the first Dendro shielder

While Baizhu's shield generated by his Elemental Burst is weak, it has the same function as other shields in the game and increases the active character's interruption resistance. This allows melee characters in the team to continue fighting without their combo getting interrupted.

Players can sub in Baizhu to replace the shielder in their Bloom team comp. Take note that his shield is not that powerful - some dodging is required against powerful attacks from bosses.

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