A Genshin Impact fan-made poll reveals which characters are considered the prettiest in the game's community until update 3.5.

HoYoverse keeps expanding its pool of playable characters with every new update that arrives. The most recent roster addition was the five-star Pyro user Dehya who is currently available on the Limited Character Banner alongside Cyno. And in the fan-made poll conducted by Reddit user deyan_ivanov, we have had the prettiest characters voted.

Prettiest Genshin Character
The most attractive characters in the game until update 3.5?

Raiden Shogun

The result reveals that the Electro Archon Raiden Shogun is considered the prettiest character in the Genshin Impact community.

Approximately 1000 players participated in the poll, with Raiden Shogun receiving 81 votes, securing her spot at the top of the list. Raiden Shogun is also widely regarded as the most popular character in the game, as evidenced by the fact that three of the top five most successful banners included her.

Raide Shogun
Raiden Shogun takes the lead.

She is a versatile character that can fit into almost any team composition in the game, from main DPS to off-field support. Also, Raiden is a very accessible character in Genshin Impact as players do not need to use many resources to make her effective.

However, to maximize her DPS potential, players should consider obtaining her second constellation level.


According to the poll, the second most attractive character in Genshin Impact is Yelan. The Hydro user was recently featured in a banner with Hu Tao. The banner was very successful and broke the game's revenue record, surpassing banners for Raiden and Ayato.

Yelan takes the 2nd spot.

To be fair, she is indeed among the prettiest Genshin Impact characters for good reasons. And while Yelan is capable of dealing high damage, her main role in the game is as a sub-DPS character with one of the best off-field kits available.

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Yae Miko

Yae Miko, a close friend of Ei and a sarcastic yet graceful character, is ranked third on the list with 58 votes. She has always been adored ever since her leaks until her introduction.

Yae Miko.

On another hand, it is possible that Yae will be featured in a banner again soon as her last appearance was in the second part of update 3.2.


The fourth prettiest character in Genshin Impact, with 56 votes, is Shenhe. Fans are eagerly waiting for Shenhe's re-run in the second part of the game's 3.5 update, especially since her last banner appearance was over a year ago in update 2.4.

For those who are wondering whether or not they should pull for Shenhe, you can check all the pros and cons of having Shenhe in your team that Gurugamer.com has compiled.


Kokomi is pretty and smart at the same time.

The 5th pick in the list of the prettiest Genshin Impact characters is no one other than Sangonomiya Kokomi. The young Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island is the best healer in the game. Appearance-wise, she is cute, gentle, indeed a "malady" as called by Kazuha in the early game.

She scored 51 votes in the latest poll.

Other rankings

Prettiest Genshin Characters
The full ranking of prettiest characters in Genshin Impact. (Why are they so cruel to Xiao?)

Surprisingly, among every female character that entered the top 10, Kazuha made it top 8, Zhongli made it to the top 10, followed by the newest husbando in Genshin Impact - Alhaitham.

To you, who is the prettiest character albeit in the poll above? Share with Gurugamer.com in the comment section!

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