Genshin Impact introduced Mika to make your Cryo teams stronger. But you should avoid the following mistakes when using Mika. Using this new supporter correctly helps your Cryo teams be more powerful and dangerous.

#1. Miss Physical Bonuses

When his talent reaches level 10, Mika gives his teammates a high ATK SPD bonus of 22%. But it's not very common. Mika also provides a Physical DMG Bonus from his Ascension passive talent and a high Physical Crit DMG of 60% from C6.

As Mika is designed for a Physical supporting role, you should focus on all these bonuses. Don't limit his power and build the ATK SPD bonus only. You had better ascend this character and try to unlock Mika C6 for better performance.

Mika Genshin Impact Mistake
Build Physical status for Mika to get the highest DMG buffs.

#2. Ignore Max Support Build

As claimed, Mika is an exclusive Physical supporter. Therefore, you should focus on building his supporting role instead of the healer role. Players who have got Mika ought to give him a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige artifact set to buff the whole team's ATK with this Elemental burst.

Besides, you should equip a Favonius Lance claymore for Mika. Then, you can use him to charge the elemental burst for the whole party.

Genshin Impact Mika Skill
Focus on his supporting role.

#3. Focus On Sub-DPS Build

Mika is better at the supporting role. It's a mistake if you try to build him as a sub-DPS character. Though you invest all artifacts, weapons, and materials in Mika's ATK, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate, he is still a weak dealer. Instead, spend your properties on his HP or Energy Recharge. Use Mika in the right team and pair him with the best teammates to optimize his power.

#4. Deploy Mika As Elemental Supporter

Do not use Mika to apply Cryo for elemental resonance and reactions. Though his Elemental skill and burst apply Cryo aura to enemies, he is not a flexible and helpful Cryo enabler. It's a waste of materials to build elemental damage for Mika.

Genshin Impact Mika Talent
Don't use Mika as a DMG dealer.

#5. Ignore Healing Effects

As his physical buff is impressive, you should not miss his healing ability. Keep in mind that his healing ability scales with HP. Therefore, you should build this stat for Mika. He can heal the entire party after hitting targets with his Normal attacks.

After Mika's C1, he can heal HP for the team more frequently with shorter intervals between healing times.

Dont Miss His Healing Ability
Don't miss his healing ability.

#6. Be Unaware Of 1st Passive Talent Bonus

The first passive talent of Mika makes him an excellent Physical supporter. You need to collect Detector Stacks to boost the party's Physical damage by 10-40%. The more enemies you hit, the more stacks you get. Therefore, this supporter is more helpful when countering mobs.

You had better use Mika's hold skill to target nearby enemies automatically. If you unlock Mika's C6, the Physical DMG bonus is up to 40%.

Avoid Mistakes To Optimize His Power
Avoid these mistakes to optimize his power.

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