The new character Mika in Genshin Impact is a useful Cryo supporter. But you should put him on the right team to optimize his power. Check out the best teammates and parties for Mika here.

Learn How To Use Mika
Learn how to use Mika properly with the best teammates.

I. Characters To Pair With Mika

Mika is an excellent Cryo supporter for Physical DPS. Moreover, you should pair him with Geo and Electro supporters to trigger the shield and Superconduct reactions. Here are the best characters to team up with Mika.

  • Cryo DPS: Eula and Kaeya
  • Cryo supporters: Layla and Diona
  • Electro supporter: Razor
  • Geo supporter/shielder: Yunjin and Zhongli.

Mika can also play the role of a healer or sub-DPS character. He is more suitable for physical teams than elemental teams. Therefore, you should pair this new Cryo character with Claymore and Polearm users, such as Kaeya, Razor, and Zhongli.

Mika Supporting Role
Mika is most suitable for Physical DMG teams.

II. Best Teams For Mika

Mika will be very powerful and helpful when you use him in the right team. Check out the most suitable teams for Mika here.

#1. Eula's Physical team

Mika is most suitable for the physical team of Eula. Before his release, Eula is out of the meta because she lacks a useful supporter. Mika can play as a pure healer in this team. Then, Eula can focus on her pure physical DMG.

The claymore wielder Razor is the physical sub-DPS character. Besides, he makes enemies with the Electro aura. Then, Mika, Eula, and Kaeya can trigger the Superconduct reaction. Kaeya can apply Cryo when he is off-field with his Cryo spinning shield.

Mika And Eula
Mika and Eula can trigger the Super-conduct reaction with an Electro character.

#2. Superconduct team

Mika and Kaeya can team up with Razor to deal higher damage to enemies with continual Superconduct reactions. The new Cryo character also plays the healer role in this team. Razor is the main DPS character.

Besides, you can use Kaeya, Diona, Layla, or Rosaria to provide an off-field Cryo application. Zhongli is the sub-DPS and shielder in this team. You can use Yunjin if you do not have the Geo archon.

Mika Should Team Up With Razor
Mika should team up with Razor.

#3. Zhongli's Geo team

Mika is also the healer in Zhongli's Geo team. You need another Geo character like Yunjin to trigger the elemental resonance and deal higher damage. Alternatively, you can use Mika as the main DPS in this team, but you need to equip the best gear for Mika.

Fischl is the most flexible supporter. You can use Fischl or Razor to trigger Superconduct reactions with Mika.

Mika In Zhonglis Team
Mika can play as a DPS character in Zhongli's team.

#4. Multi-reaction team

When Mika and Kaeya team up with Xiangling and Lisa, they can trigger many reactions, such as Super-conduct, Melt, and Overload. Kaeya is the main DPS of this team. He gets buffs from Mika, Xiangling, and Lisa to increase his output damage.

Best Mika Team
You can build Mika's team based on your character list.

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