Dehya is the new Pyro Claymore character debuting in the Genshin Impact 3.5 update. She is the second 5-star Pyro Claymore after Diluc, however, her kit is not much stronger than his.

With the right investment and build, players can still make Dehya useful. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete Genshin Impact Dehya Build guide for the 3.5 update.

Genshin Impact Dehya
Genshin Impact Dehya

1. Dehya Talents Priority

As Dehya's Burst and Skill are the major sources of her damage, it is best that players max them before her NA talent. As her ascension stat is HP%, players need to get Dehya to 90 if they want to main her effectively.

  • Burst > Skill > NA

Normal Attack: Gold-Duster Assault

  • AA: Performs up to 4 consecutive strikes using her Claymore and her martial arts.
  • CA: Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.
  • PA: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Molten Inferno

Create a field that mitigates damage taken and deal damage every time the character inside it attacks. Allow Dehya to be off-field support.

CD: 20s. Duration 12s. Mitigation: 32~56%. Redmane's Blood Max: 200% max HP.

Elemental Burst: The Lioness's Bite

Discard her blade and start punching enemies, dealing damage based on her max HP and ATK. This is Dehya's main source of Burst damage and does not scale on her NA talent.

CD 18s. Duration 4s. Cost 70.

Passive Skills

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Dehya's design

P1. Unstinting Succor

Within 6 seconds after Dehya retrieves the Fiery Sanctum field through Molten Inferno: Ranging Flame or Leonine Bite, she will take 60% less DMG when receiving DMG from Redmane’s Blood. This effect can be triggered once every 2s.

Additionally, within 9s after Dehya unleashes Molten Inferno: Indomitable Flame, she will grant all party members the Gold-Forged Form state. This state will further increase a character’s resistance to interruption when they are within the Fiery Sanctum field. Gold-Forged Form can be activated once every 18s.

P2. Stalwart and True

When her HP is less than 40%, Dehya will recover 20% of her Max HP and will restore 6% of her Max HP every 2s for the next 10s. This effect can be triggered once every 20s.

P3. The Sunlit Way

Increases the Movement SPD of your own party members by 10% during the day (6:00 - 18:00). Does not take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.


Overall, Dehya's C1 and C2 just increase her damage and consistency - players will need them for Dehya to be effective in her role.

  • C1. The Flame Incandescent: Dehya’s Max HP is increased by 20%, and she deals bonus DMG based on her Max HP when using the following attacks: Molten Inferno‘s DMG will be increased by 3.6% of her Max HP, Leonine Bite‘s DMG will be increased by 6% of her Max HP.
  • C2. The Sand-Blades Glittering: When Dehya uses Molten Inferno: Ranging Flame, the duration of the recreated Fiery Sanctum field will be increased by 6s. Additionally, when a Fiery Sanctum exists on the field, DMG dealt by its next coordinated attack will be increased by 50% when active character(s) within the Fiery Sanctum field are attacked.
  • C3. A Rage Swift as Fire: Increases the Q Level.
  • C4. An Oath Abiding: When Flame-Mane’s Fist and Incineration Drive attacks unleashed during Leonine Bite hit opponents, they will restore 1.5 Energy for Dehya and 2.5% of her Max HP. This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s.
  • C5. The Alpha Unleashed: Increases the E Level.
  • C6. The Burning Claws Cleaving: The CRIT Rate of Leonine Bite is increased by 10%. Additionally, after a Flame-Mane’s Fist attack hits an opponent and deals CRIT Hits during a single Blazing Lioness state, it will cause the CRIT DMG of Leonine Bite to increase by 15% for the rest of Blazing Lioness’s duration and extend that duration by 0.5s. This effect can be triggered every 0.2s. The duration can be extended for a maximum of 2s and CRIT DMG can be increased by a maximum of 60% this way.

2. Dehya Best Weapon and Artifact

Beacon of the Reed Sea

Due to Dehya's peculiar kit that requires her to tank, the Beacon of the Reed Sea gives a lot of bonuses to ATK, MAX HP and CRIT to make up for her weaknesses.

  • Base Attack 45.94 - 608
  • Substat Type Critical Rate %
  • Base Substat 7.2% - 33%

Skill: After an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, your ATK will be increased by 20% (40% at R5) for 8s. After you take DMG, your ATK will be increased by 20% (40% at R5) for 8s. The 2 aforementioned effects can be triggered even when the character is not on the field. Additionally, when not protected by a shield, your character's Max HP will be increased by 32% (64% at R5).

Beacon of the Reed Sea looks similar to other weapons of the Deshret series - very crude and heavy.
  • Substitute for on-field Dehya: Redhorn Stonethresher / Serpent Spine / Luxurious Sea-Lord
  • Substitute for off-field Dehya: Sacrificial Greatsword / Favonius Greatsword / Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

Best Artifacts and Substat

4pc Emblem of Severed Fate As Dehya has very high ER requirements and relies on her Burst for most of her damage, 4pc Emblem of Severed Fate is her general Best-in-Slot set.

Alternatively, players can use the Crimson Witch Of Flames x4 for on-field Dehya and the Tenacity Of The Millelith x4 for off-field Dehya. The main stat should focus on HP % if off-field and Crit if on-field.

The substat to focus on are Crit DMG/RATE > ER > ATK/HP%. You will need less ER with a Pyro battery.

3. Dehya team comps

Dehya And Cyno Are Less Recommended
Dehya's kit could use a buff

As her kit is a bit underwhelming, Dehya is best played in a Mono-Pyro lineup. Below are the best teammates for her:

Kazuha / Sucrose / Jean

These Anemo options are able to hold 4pc Viridescent Venerer and provide additional utility. Specifically, Kazuha provides a teamwide Pyro DMG% buff and enemy grouping, Sucrose can hold Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (which is especially valuable for Xiangling), and Jean enables the “Sunfire” interaction and provides extra healing.


Provides a much-needed Flat ATK buff, Pyro Particles and healing for Dehya, who will naturally take a lot of damage due to her kit. All of these factors make Bennett a crucial pick for Mono Pyro Dehya.


Boasts outstanding off-field DPS potential, complementing Dehya’s on-field kit well. She also buffs Pyro DMG% with her C6.

Klee / Hu Tao / Yoimiya

Dehya typically spends less time on-field in the presence of these Pyro DPS units, only Bursting in their downtime.

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