Floor 12 in Genshin Spiral Abyss 4.2 Phase I has a great change in the pickup rates of characters and teams. Furina entered the Top 2 and Baizhu surpassed Nahida. Check out the top used characters and teams in Genshin Spiral Abyss 4.2 Floor 12 here.

Furina Spiral Abysss
Spiral Abyss Pick Rate and Team Pick Rate in Phase 1 Season 4.2.

#1. Furina Enters Top S+

The Hydro Archon proved her power when entering the Top S+ tier group of most used characters in Floor 12 of Spiral Abyss 4.2 Phase 1. She became the second most picked character for this floor right after her release.

With a high pick rate of 86.5%, she got the Top 2 position, after Neuvillette (88.6%). Two new Fontaine Hydro DPS characters are the two most META characters now. Moreover, she has two Arkhe phases that can be switched flexibly.

Furina Is The Meta Character
Furina is the META character now.

#2. Baizhu Surpasses Nahida

Nahida had been the most used Dendro character in Spiral Abyss before Baizhu came back in Genshin Impact 4.2. There is a big change in the S+ lineup in the first phase of this season: Baizhu surpassed Nahida, who has dropped to the S tier group.

Though Nahida and Yelan dropped out of the S+ Tier, Kazuha still keeps his position in this group. Before the release of Neuvillette and Furina, Nahida was higher estimated than Baizhu. After this update, Neuvillette and Furina team up and form a strong Fontaine team to overwhelm difficult floors in Spiral Abyss. That's why Baizhu becomes META in this season.

Baizhus Healing And Shield
Baizhu's healing and shield make him hot this season.

#3. Most Picked Team

The Fontaine Bloom Lineup of Neuvillette, Furina, Kazuha, and Baizhu is overwhelming with a 53.2% pick rate, followed by the Hyperbloom team of Nahida, Alhaitham, Xingqiu, and Kuki Shinobu (29.5%). Let's check out the role of these characters in the most used team.

  • Neuvillette plays as the main DPS with his charged attacks. He becomes the most used character in this season.
  • While Neuvillette has only one Arkhe element, Furina can switch between Ousia and Pneuma flexibly to counter any Fontaine boss. Moreover, her elemental skill and burst can apply Hydro excellently.
  • Kazuha's crowd-controlling skill is still the most useful ability in Spiral Abyss. Moreover, his elemental burst can expand the application range of Hydro and Dendro elements in this team.
  • Though Baizhu is not a good AoE Dendro applicator like Nahida, Kazuha can help him. His Dendro shield and healing effects are the things that make him necessary in this team. He also has nimble movement and targeting ability.
The Most Used Team
The most used team in Spiral Abyss 4.2.

This team can trigger the META elemental reaction - Bloom and create dangerous Dendro cores on the ground. When blooming, these cores will deal damage to both enemies and your characters. That's why a healer is a must-have unit in this team.

This team is working well on Floor 12 of this Spiral Abyss season. Neuvillette and Furina can carry the team to clear dangerous bosses like Fathomless Flames, Icewind Suite, and Jadeplume Terrorshroom.

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