A huge part of the Fontaine map has been unlocked with 66 new Hydroculus. Check out all new Genshin Impact Hydroculus locations in the Erinnyes Forest and Morte Region in Fontaine 4.2 here.

I. Erinnyes Forest Hydroculus Locations

There are 36 Hydroculi around the area of Erinnyes Forest, distributed on the surface, underwater, and underground.

Erinnyes Forest
Erinnyes Forest farming route

#1. Aboveground

A large part of Erinnyes Forest area is land, so most of the Hydroculus in this area spawn above the land surface. You can find 28 Hydro collectibles on the ground surface. Here's the farming route in this area, starting from number 151, following the Hydroculus location No.150 in Fontaine 4.1.

Number Description Image
151 Above the Jelly near the Teleport Waypoint in the east of Opera House; 151
152 A little north of the previous one, in the Pneumousia Storage Box; 152
153 Continue to head north and activate The Miraculous Antoine Roger Aircraft; 153
154 Above the jelly at the southern river mouth of the Foggy Forest Path; 154
155 From the previous collectible, head north toward the waypoint, it is under the small bridge; 155
156 Head a little east from the previous oculus, it's above floating jellies; 156
157 It's above the water surface in the dock at the river mouth of the Foggy Forest Path; 157
160 Climb the mountain peak to collect this oculus; 160
161 Glide north a little to see the mark and use three keys to open the door to collect the hidden item; 161
162 Continue to head north to find an energy ball; Move the ball through the water ring to grab the oculus; 162
163 The next Oculus is on the mountain summit in the north of the previous one; 163
164 Above the jelly under the teleport waypoint and the Shrine of Depth; 164
165 Complete the time-limited challenge on the summit in the south of the Weeping Willow of the Lake to grab the hidden Oculus; 165
167 Above the single rock at the junction in the south of the Weeping Willow of the Lake; 167
170 Above the summit of the mountain in the south of the Loch Urania; 170
171 Under the root of the tree in the center of the Weeping Willow of the Lake; 171
174 On the top of the mountain in the east of the huge lake; 174
175 Inside the tent; 175
177 Glide up the wind current and wind rings; 177
178 Follow the Seelie and let it fill the pond with water to reveal the Hydroculus; 178
179 In the center of Loch Urania; 179
180 Above the jelly at the entrance of the Loch; 180
181 Next to the time challenge on the mountain summit; 181
182 Open the huge shell; 182
183 Use Jelly to jump up and pick Oculus; 183
184 Climb the mountain peak and glide down to grab the collectible; 184
185 Between two mountains; 185
186 On the mountain peak in the north of the Harbor. 186

#2. Underground

On the farming route in the Erinnyes Forest, you will spot some marks of Hydroculus on the minimap but cannot see it in the open world. Those collectibles spawn underground and underwater. Here are those hidden collectibles.

158 Inside a cave behind a breakable wall; 158
159 In a hole full of water near the previous Oculus; 159
166 Inside a pearl shell on the bottom of the small pond in the south of Weeping Willow of the Lake; 166
168 & 169 Collect them inside the underwater tunnel when doing the world quest 'The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes'; 168
172 Break the wall with the cannon to enter the cave in the east of Weeping Willow of the Lake and grab one Oculus; 172
173 Explore deeper and climb a ladder in the bunker; 173
176 During the world quest 'The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes'; 176

II. Morte Region Hydroculus Locations

There are 30 Hydroculi scattered around the Morte Region (from number 187 to 216). Half of them spawn abovewater and the rest spawn underwater.

  • 16 Hydroculi can be found underwater (blue lines);
  • 14 Hydroculi spawn on the ground (yellow lines).
Hydroculus Map
Hydroculus locations in the Morte Region

You should farm all Hydroculi aboveground before exploring the underground map for the rest of these collectibles.

#1. Aboveground

Let's start from the east of the West Slope of Mont Automnequi.

Number Description Image
188 Teleport to the east of the West Slope of Mont Automnequi and pick it above water; 188
189 Head north and climb the highest summit of the mountain to grab one Oculus; 189
192 On the top of the tower; 192
197 On the mountain peak on an island in the south; 197
198 Head south to a patch of yellow flowers and a jelly, use the jelly to jump high and pick the Oculus; 198
200 Near the waypoint in the southwest of Fort Charybdis Ruins, on a broken wall; 200
204 At the top of the wind current in the northeast of Fort Charybdis Ruins; 204
201 In the north of the previous one, above the water; 201
202 In the center of the largest island, above a jelly and a wind current; 202
206 Under the cane in Lumidouce Harbor; 206
207 Go deeper into the Lumidouce Harbor, activate the device to summon the jelly; 207
208 On the broken bridge in the east of Poisson; 208
209 Head northeast to the location of a jelly; 209
212 Inside a small room under the Statue of Seven. 212

#2. Underwater

There are 16 underwater collectibles in Mont Automnequi.

Number Description Image
187 Solve the puzzle to open the seal; 187
190 Under the underwater bridge near the sea in the east of Slopes of Mont Automnequi; 190
191 In the east of the previous Oculus; 191
193 Inside the underwater room in the east of the southern underwater teleport waypoint; 193
194 On the eastern edge of the ruin tower; 194
195 In the south of the previous Oculus; 195
196 Swim to the northeast of the previous collectible; 196
199 Use the waypoint in the south of Fort Charybdis Ruins to get close to the mark of the Oculus, then head east toward the cave by the sea to grab it; 199
203 Find the energy flow mechanism inside an underwater room to find the Oculus; 203
205 Inside the broken ship in the northeast of Fort Charybdis Ruins; 205
210 From the Statue of Seven, swim to the west enter the ruin, and find the energy flow mechanism; 210
211 From the waypoint in the south of the previous Oculus, swim to the east and find it inside a room; 211
213 Behind the Hydro barrier in the main room with a Looking Glass at the northern end of the ruin. 213
214 Behind the energy flow mechanism in the north of the previous collectible; 214
215 From the waypoint in the Fort Charybdis Ruins, swim north and find a breakable stone; 215
216 At the top of the gear in the main room of the underground ruin in the center of the largest island. 216

Those are all 66 new Genshin Impact Hydroculus locations in the new map of Fontaine 4.2. There are 216 Hydroculi released in Fontaine up to now.

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