Lakelight Lily is a new local specialty in Genshin Impact 4.2. It's an essential ascension material for the new character Furina. Let's check out the best Genshin Impact Lakelight lily locations to farm this flower here.

#1. Foggy Forest Path

Foggy Forest Path is a new area in the east of Opera Epiclese. This area is near the beach and has some rivers and ponds. Therefore, you can collect many Lakelight Lilies around this area. There is a teleport waypoint right next to the small lake here. Use this waypoint to get there quickly and collect ten lilies every two days.

Foggy Forest Path
Ten lilies in the Foggy Forest Path

#2. Weeping Willow of the Lake

Weeping Willow of the Lake is the best place to farm Lakelike lilies. You can collect up to 38 flowers around this huge lake. Go around the outer bank of the lake and pick 31 flowers. Then, swim to the small isle in the center of the lake to pick 7 lilies. You can use one of the two nearest teleport waypoints around this lake in the northwest and east of the lake.

If you keep following the path from the Foggy Forest Path to the east, you can find a small pond with three lilies to collect.

Weeping Willow Of The Lake
All lily locations in the Weeping Willow Of The Lake

#3. Fountain of Lucine

There is a small lake on the east of the Fountain of Lucine, behind the mountain. You can use the teleport waypoint in the north of Foggy Forest Path and head north to farm two lilies near the small pond and four other lilies in the bigger lake in the North. On the farming route from the Foggy Forest Path to the Weeping Willow of the Lake, you will go through this farming location.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily
Pick six lilies on the way from the Foggy Forest to the Weeping Willow of the Lake.

#4. Loch Urania

There are 20 Lakelight Lilies around the area of Loch Urania. But they do not distribute intensely like in previous areas. You should start at the teleport waypoint in the T-junction in the north of the Weeping Willow of the Lake. Then, head North to collect nine lilies on the southern bank of the lake. Keep going around the bank of the lake to collect four other lilies.

There is a small lake in the northwest with two lilies and a teleport waypoint. Quickly move there by using the waypoint and pick those flowers.

From the waypoint in the south of the huge loch, head southwest to the little pond on the mountain slope to pick three other lilies.

Loch Urania
Explore small lakes around Loch Urania to pick more flowers.

#5. NPC Vendor Pahsiv

When farming Lakelight Lilies around Loch Urania, you can find a cave in the north of the lake. The NPC Melusine named Pahsiv in that cave will sell you up to 15 Lakelight Lilies at the price of two Tidalga items per lily. Let's buy Lakelight lilies from Pahsiv to collect enough materials for Furina.

However, this one-time shop will not be restocked. It means that you can buy Lakelight Lilies from this NPC once in the game. Moreover, this shop is only unlocked after you complete the World Quest titled "The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes".

Pahsiv Location
Find the Melusine named Pahsiv in this cave to buy 15 lilies.

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