A strange female character appeared in the new trailer of Genshin Impact 4.2. As rumored, her name is Skirk. Who is Skirk Genshin Impact? Let's check out everything we know about this character here.

Who Is Skirk Genshin Impact?

Skirk got great attention from audiences and Genshin Impact players when appearing in the trailer for Genshin Impact 4.2. The mysterious woman only appeared in one or two seconds, but she left lots of players curious about her background stories and profile. There is not much information about this secret character.

Skirk Genshin
Skirk is a secret character appearing at the end of the Climax in the teaser video of Masquerade of the Guilty.

This swordswoman is known as the master of Tartaglia during the three months he was stuck in the Abyss. The Fatui Harbinger learned the Foul Legacy technique from her. She appeared in the next Act of Fontaine's Archon quest - Masquerade of the Guilty as an NPC. As the master of Childe, she is so powerful that she can defeat him with one hand.

Skirk Role
This swordwoman trained Tartaglia when he was in the Abyss.

How Is Skirk Related To Fontaine 4.2?

Skirk is the mentor of Childe, who has a unique connection to the giant whale All-Devouring Narwhal, which is coming out as a Weekly Boss in Fontaine 4.2. She appeared in the Archon Quest of Fontaine when Traveler and the Chief Justice are fighting this boss.

Tartaglia thought that Skirk chose to become his teacher due to this special connection between him and the creature. That's why she asked him to trace it. In a part of Fontaine’s Archon Quest, she stopped the battle against the All-Devouring Narwhal of Neuvillette and Traveler and apprehended it.

All Devouring Narwhal
Skirk might have taken the role of Tartaglia's teacher due to his connection to All-Devouring Narwhal.

Childe's teacher also revealed some information about the Descenders. She said she had to take care of the whale and called this boss the pet of her master, who could be Gold or Surtalogi. They are famous characters in the story of Teyvat who haven't appeared officially but have been mentioned in lots of stories and quests.

Will Skirk Be Playable?

It's still unknown if Skirk will be playable in the future. Her Vision is not unveiled, but she can be a Hydro character from Fontaine. Besides, she is described as having a fin like the fish. Therefore, Skirk can be a non-human character with overwhelming power. Therefore, lots of Genshin Impact players expect that she will come out as a playable in the next update.

Masquerade Of The Guilty
Her role and information will be revealed in the 'Masquerade of the Guilty'.

If Skirk comes out as a playable character, her overwhelming power might be nerfed to ensure the balance. While other playable units are human or half-human forms dwelling in Teyvat, Childe's master is nearer to the Abyss. To live in the Darkest Corners Of The Universe and travel between worlds, she must have insane power that's out of our imagination.

What Is Her Weapon?

According to Tartaglia's voice about her, Skirk is a swordwoman. Skirk is also a strict master. Childe's elemental skill, Foul Legacy is taught by Skirk.  Therefore, she may come out as a sword wielder if she is released as a playable character in the future.

As unveiled, Skirk is obsessed with training. When Narwhal and Childe started brawling, she said it was out of her imagination. Then, she decided to swing her sword three million times. That's the punishment she put on herself.

Skirk Can Be A Sword Wielder
Skirk can be a sword wielder with amazing power and skill. 

Skirk can be a Hydro or Cryo character by her appearance and role in Childe's story. However, there are some rumors that she could introduce a new element. It may be a new elemental system like two new elements created by the Arkhe energy in Fontaine now.

Skirk Unveiled About Surtalogi

The appearance of Skirk and her stories also unveiled some interesting lore about the origin of Gnosis, Vision, and Surtalogi. Surtalogi is known as the master of Skirk. As she shared, her master - as a Rhinedottir - is pursuing a certain form of perfection.

This secret character is also titled The Foul. There is no further information about the element and ability of Skirk's master. However, he is recognized as 'more powerful than God'.

Genshin Impact Skirk
Skirk unveiled some information about her master whose name is Surtalogi. 

Both she and her master are mysterious. Childe's master lives in the Darkest Corners Of The Universe while her master is pursuing perfection somewhere in the immense universe. Therefore, Childe can hardly find his teacher, unless she appears unexpectedly like in the Masquerade of the Guilty Quest scene.

The new Act 'Masquerade of the Guilty' of Fontaine's Archon Quest will be unlocked on November 8th, 2023. More information about her background stories and roles in Fontaine will be released. Just stay updated!

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