Silk flower is a local plant in Liyue. Many shop owners and merchants in this nation sell this plant. Let's check out where to buy silk flowers in Genshin Impact here. You can buy them for various uses.

I. Where To Buy Silk Flowers Genshin Impact

Purchasing is the fastest way to get silk flowers in Genshin Impact. You can buy them from many botanical and merchant NPCs in this game. Here are all the shops selling silk flowers in Genshin Impact with detailed addresses, daily stocks, and prices.

Shop Address Price Stock Map locations
Ms. Bai The house next to the water mill in Qingce Village, Liyue 1000 Mora per flower 5 flowers every three days Qingce
Verr Goldet The receptionist table above the kitchen in Wangshu Inn, Liyue 1000 Mora per flower 5 flowers every three days Wangshu Inn
Qiuwei The shop in a red tent next to the river in Port Omos, Sumeru 1000 Mora per flower 5 flowers every three days Shop Sumeru

It's quick to get silk flowers from these shops, but the amount of purchasable flowers is limited. Come back to these shops after 3 days to buy more flowers. Therefore, you need to use other ways to get them.

II. Silk Flower Locations Genshin Impact

Silk flower is a local plant in Liyue. You can collect more flowers in the open world of Teyvat when traversing around the Land of Geo. Here are the best Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations in this nation.

  • Wangshu Inn

There are 14 silk flowers in the north and south of this famous restaurant. You go to find seven bushes of blooming silk flowers on two sides of the road crossing Wangshu Inn and the north of this restaurant. Go through the gate in the north to find two bushes close to the Liyue's style gate.

Genshin Impact Wangshu Inn Silk
You can pick 14 silk blossoms in Wangshu Inn.
  • Liyue Harbor City

You can collect 14 silk flowers in the northern part of Liyue Harbor City. Those red flower bushes are easy to spot in grassy areas and near rock formations. These flowers will respawn after 48 hours. Mark those silk flower locations on the minimap and come back to pick new blossoms.

Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor Silk
Go around the northern part of Liyue Harbor City.

Qiqi and Yanfei have special talents that help you mark the location of this Liyue's local specialty on the minimap. You can use these characters to locate and farm this flower faster.

III. How To Grow Silk Flowers

Gardening is an interesting activity in Genshin Impact. Moreover, Genshin Impact players can grow many local plants in your Serenitea Pot realms for decoration and harvesting. You can also grow eight bushes of silk flowers on two plots of Luxuriant Glebe. They will bloom after 70 hours.

You can buy 20 packs of silk flower seeds in the Realm Depot of Tubby for cultivation. Or else, equip the Dispensary gadget with you when go farming silk flowers in the open world to collect their seeds for planting. It helps you save lots of Realm Currencies.

Grow Silk Flowers
Grow silk flowers in your realm for decoration and harvesting.

Growing silk flowers in Serenitea Pot also helps you complete the hidden achievement of 'A Realm Beyond Series III'. When the whole series is completed, you can earn up to 110 Primogems and a name card titled Full Bloom. These beautiful blossoms also help decorate your realm.

IV. How To Use Silk Flowers

Genshin Impact players need lots of silk flowers for character ascension and crafting fabric in Genshin Impact. Here are all the usages of these blossoms and the specific numbers of flowers you need to pick.

  • Character Ascension

Genshin Impact players who have obtained Hu Tao and Xingqiu have to get 168 silk flowers for the full ascension of each character. Silk flower is one of the rarest local specialties in Genshin Impact. Therefore, you ought to go farming and purchase them while waiting for the silk flowers in your realm to bloom.

Silk Flower Genshin Impact
Get 168 silk flowers for each character ascension in Genshin Impact.
  • Crafting Fabric

Silk flower is also a crafting material in the Serenitea Pot. You can make white fabric for crafting furniture in your realms. Each flower gives you up to 4 pieces of fabric. Go to see Tubby and open the Crafting section to make fabric. It's also a good way to save Realm Currencies for this material, You don't have to spend your currencies on purchasing fabric from the Realm Depot.

This guide has shown you where to buy silk flowers in Genshin Impact. Let's get as many blossoms as possible for character ascension and Serenitea Pot crafting. This local specialty is very rare, so you need to make use of all those sources.

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