On the occasion of Genshin Impact's third anniversary, the developers are hosting real-life events as well as more special in-game features. Among the many items that you can get for accompanying the Traveler all this time, the brand-new Genshin Impact Resoung Melodies bundle is making a frenzy among the fan community.

This pack comprises unique, once-in-a-lifetime goods that can hardly be obtained if not now. So what exactly do these Resounding Melodies gifts offer, how can we get them, and when that this event end? Let's find out right below.

How to get Genshin Impact Resounding Melodies rewards

There are two ways that players can adapt in order to get hold of the Resounding Melodies gifts:

1. By purchasing it in-game

To acquire the Resounding Melodies pack in Genshin Impact, players can obtain it by making a purchase from the in-game shop. You will need to pay 1280 Genesis Crystals.

This enticing offer became accessible for acquisition on October 30, 2023. Do note that it is only available in the store until December 19, 2023.

This availability period allows players ample time to stack up the necessary resources and add this bundle to their collection.

How To Get Resounding Melodies Genshin
This rewards bundle requires 1280 Genesis Crystals.

2. By using Genshin Impact concert ticket

Apart from purchasing the Resounding Melodies pack with 1280 Genesis Crystals, there's another avenue for claiming it if you're lucky enough to secure a concert ticket for Genshin Impact.

For attendees of the Genshin Impact 2023 concert, there's an added perk. Alongside the memorable experience of the concert itself, ticket holders will automatically be furnished with a redemption code. So basically, this bundle is in fact not for free.

This code remains active until February 29, 2024. This would afford Travelers an extended window to acquire the bundle and savor the rewards within the game.

Resounding Melodies Genshin Ticket
Those who managed to buy a Genshin Concert ticket will have a code to get these rewards for free.

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What can you get from the Resounding Melodies bundle?

Genshin Impact Resounding Melodies pack is a treasure trove of enticing items. What can you get from this pack?

  • x1000 Primogems
  • x1 Wings of Talent Dreams Glider
  • x1 Festive ‘Celebration Euphonia’ Namecard
  • x1 Festive ‘Sublime Crane Feather Strings’ funitering.
  • x5 Sticky Honey Roast (Concert redemption code only)

If you claim the rewards from both the concert code and the in-game shop, you'll receive x1000 Primogems and the furnishing item for the duplicate purchase.

Alternatively, for an opposite repeat purchase, you get x980 Primogems, the furnishing item, and Sticky Honey Roast.

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