The pick rate of Genshin Impact healers has risen after the release of Fontaine characters. Having a strong healer helps you easily win challenges and bosses in the Land of Hydro. Let's check out why Genshin healers became META after Fontaine characters came out.

Why Healers Became META

Most of the Fontaine characters like Lyney, Lynette, and Neuvillette have to exchange their HP for their ability. But they will also have self-healing ability which helps them recover HP considerably. Besides, you can use some artifacts and weapons to support their self-healing skill.

However, having a healer to support and heal Fontaine DPS characters is still a must. Let's check out why these launched Fontaine characters need a healer in their team.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters
Genshin Impact Fontaine characters brought changes to the game META. 

#1. Lyney

Lyney is a magician who can stack up to five Prop Surplus to buff the Elemental Skill DMG when he has more than 60% HP. Each stack will consume 20%HP of Lyney, but the maximum HP consumption is 60%.

However, if he heals himself with his elemental skill, the output damage will not be optimized. That's why this magician needs a healer to buff his DMG.

Lyney Genshin
Lyney needs healers to optimize his kit. 

#2. Neuvillette & Wriothesley

Neuvillette and Wriothesley are two new DPS characters from Fontaine released in Update 4.1. They also have powerful kits with self-healing ability. However, Genshin Impact players who haven't mastered their kits should use a decent healer to optimize their output DMG.

#3. Furina

The Hydro Archon Furina is coming out in the next update - Genshin Impact 4.2. Her attacks also consume HP from both herself and her teammates. Moreover, her signature weapon, the first Passive Talent, and her elemental burst buffs are also activated by the fluctuation of her HP. Therefore, consuming and healing HP are necessary to optimize her kits.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Dps
These Fontaine DPS need healers. 

Changes In The META Of Game

The release of characters from Fontaine brought some changes to the game. Veterans in Genshin Impact witnessed the META changes whenever a new nation is released. For example:

  • Jean and Venti had mastered the early seasons of Spiral Abyss before Liyue was unlocked.
  • Then, Geo had its heyday when Liyue was opened.
  • Energy Recharge became the META index when the Land of Electro was unlocked.
  • Next, Elemental Mastery was the META stats when Sumeru came out.
Fontaine Dps
The game META changes when new nations are unlocked.

That's why many experienced players had predicted a change in the META of the game when Fontaine is released. In specific, Hydro characters may become the META units. Healing is the signature ability of these characters.

As expected, Genshin healers have become the META units after the Fontaine release. Here are some favorite healers in the current game META.

  • Kokomi (for healing and Hydro application)
  • Baizhu (for healing, shield, and Dendro-base reactions)
  • Yaoyao (for healing and Dendro application)
  • Kuki Shinobu (for healing and Electro application)
  • Bennett (for healing, Pyro application, and battery)
Genshin Impact The Healer
Genshin healers became META now. 

The release of Fontaine characters has brought many changes to the game. Notably, Genshin healers are picked more thanks to the special features of these characters.

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