Arlecchino is an upcoming playable Fatui Harbinger in Genshin Impact. She has been mentioned in many stories of other playable characters, NPCs, and enemies. She is also known as the manager of the House Of The Hearth. Check out the lore about this organization.

#1. Arlecchino's Role In House Of The Hearth

The House of the Hearth runs as an orphanage located in Fontaine, in the Bouffes d'ete. "The Knave" Arlecchino is in charge of managing this house now. When taking in the manager role of this house, she is called "Father" by orphans in this orphanage. This orphanage gathers and raises orphans from all around Teyvat.

Under the management of Arlecchino, every orphan raised in the House of the Hearth is responsible for taking care of this house, gathering together, and completing individual tasks in their own ways. The current Knave made a lot of changes to this orphanage.

Arlecchino The House Of Hearth
Arlecchino is the leader of the House of Hearth.

Though she is still strict and serious, she also reduces many strict punishments in the house. When Lynette found some orphan cats and asked to raise them, Arlecchino allowed and tasked him to teach them. If he fails to train those cats, he has to finish them.

#2. Arlecchino & Orphans

Arlecchino made many positive changes to the lives of many orphans in the House of the Hearth. They have more free time for their individual affairs. The little Freminet spent most of his spare time seeking his mother because he didn't believe that he had been abandoned as the previous Knave told him.

Then, Arlecchino gave him an old pendant she found from a loan shark gang who planned to arrest him to fix the debt that his mother had borrowed. Arlecchino is also the life-saving benefactor of Lynette and Lyney.

Freminet In The House Of Hearth
Freminet was also brought up in the House of Hearth.

When Lynette's noble adoptive father planned to give her to another noble, Arlecchino somehow appeared and rescued Lynette and many other children. Lyney met Arlecchino while trying to rescue his sister, and the two agreed to join the House of Hearth and perform various missions together across Fontaine as Fatui members.

#3. Members Of House Of The Hearth

In addition to Freminet, Lyney, and Lynette, The House of Hearth also brought up and trained many other orphans who play important roles in many quests, such as:

  • Katarina Snezhevna - the Electro Fatui boss in Liyue;
  • Efim Snezhevich - a quest NPC;
  • Buzuleac and Tae - NPC Fatui Spies;
  • The Shrine Maiden Lyudochka Snezhevna in Inazuma;
  • Nikolay Snezhevich;
  • Trofin Snezhevich;
  • Orest.
Genshin Impact House Of Hearth
Those orphans work for Fatui across Teyvat.

Arlecchino, as the leader, also appeared in a lot of missions and quests. She is coming to the game in an upcoming Fontaine update. She came from the Land of Hydro. This harbinger asked Queen Tsaritsa to let her use the Hydro Vision to prevent the prophecy that Fontaine citizens would melt into the water from coming true.

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