In the upcoming update 4.0 in Genshin Impact, you'll encounter the enigmatic magician at the forefront – a Pyro specialist who captivates with a dazzling array of explosive area-of-effect maneuvers hidden up his sleeves. Many users are wondering whether they should spend their Primogems on Lyney Genshin Impact.

Is Lyney a good character? Why should you pull him and what will make him worthwhile?

1. Reasons to pull for Lyney

First Fontaine 5-star character

It is known that Lyney will be the first and only 5-star character in version 4.0. He may appear in the first half of version 4.0 along with Yelan.

Furthermore, Fontaine is expected to introduce many new unique movement mechanics, so a character originating from Fontaine could be useful in various aspects of movement, storyline experiences, and more.

Lyney owns new mechanics

Genshin Impact will introduce two new mechanics called Ousia and Pneuma, which hold significant roles in battles and exploration. These effects will exclusively appear within the skill set of Fontaine characters.

According to recent leaks, the Ousia and Pneuma effects might be added to The Chasm and persist across all upcoming patches for Fontaine. Therefore, having a new character from Fontaine will give players an edge compared to the majority of other players.

Lyney Genshin Impact
Should you get Genshin Impact Lyney in version 4.0?

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Lyney is F2P-friendly

Lyney's skill set might be very suitable for F2P players as the primary damage source of the illusionist Fontaine comes from charged attacks, similar to Amber or Ganyu.

Furthermore, 4-star weapons like Prototype Crescent or The Stringless would also be well-suited for Lyney, as both of these weapons greatly enhance the effectiveness of charged attacks.

Moreover, national characters like Xiangling or Bennett are especially compatible with Lyney. These characters can synergize to boost damage through their respective elemental resonance and abilities.

A decent Pyro unit

Recent information reveals that Lyney boasts substantial damage and compatibility with various existing Pyro characters in the game.

Besides, Genshin Impact has introduced only a few Pyro DPS characters in recent updates, namely Yoimiya and Hu Tao. If there is a shortage of strong Pyro DPS characters and an abundance of Pyro support characters, it would be wise for players to consider acquiring Lyney to fill that role.

By choosing Lyney, players not only ensure engaging gameplay but also a well-rounded team with improved elemental dynamics.

This choice is not just about personal preference; it's a smart decision that enhances both tactical gameplay and strategic party composition in Genshin Impact.

Interesting gameplay

Lyney introduces players to a captivating and immersive gameplay journey, distinguished by an innovative and distinctive combat approach where he takes on the form of a playing card during standard attacks. This creative transformation not only adds a touch of novelty to the battles but also emphasizes his playful and mysterious nature. As players wield Lyney, they can revel in the charm of his transformational abilities while unleashing attacks that are as visually stunning as they are effective.

Genshin Lyney
Lyney might be a good Pyro unit for Spiral Abyss and other functions in the game.

It doesn't stop there. Once his Elemental Burst is activated, Lyney undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, assuming the form of the enigmatic Grin-Malkin Hat. This transformation injects an additional layer of strategy and dynamism into the gameplay, enabling players to adapt their tactics based on the situation at hand. This versatility underscores the depth of his character design, making him a joy to control in a variety of combat scenarios.

What truly sets Lyney apart is his capacity to summon the Grin-Malkin Hat via a potent charged attack. This tactical maneuver serves as a potent attention-grabber and disruptor, momentarily unsettling nearby adversaries and bestowing players with a considerable upper hand during intense battles. The element of surprise that this move brings can be a game-changer, especially when strategically employed in conjunction with other abilities or within a group setting.

Delving deeper into his skill set, Lyney exhibits an inherent ability to not only engage in combat but also to sustain himself. Through his elemental skill, he can initiate a process of self-healing while simultaneously accumulating energy that fuels his spectacular transformations and attacks.

This self-sufficiency enhances his overall effectiveness in prolonged battles, allowing players to maintain a steady momentum without undue concern for his well-being.

2. Genshin Impact Lyney banner release date speculation

Lyney banner for Genshin Impact was made available on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

Within the Lyney banner, you'll find Lynette, a four-star character skilled in Anemo and sword techniques. As both Lyney's enchanting assistant with versatile magical abilities and a sibling, it's expected that these two characters will complement each other effectively.

Lynette is poised to act as a support for close-range DPS, aligning harmoniously with Lyney's extensive long-range AoE damage output. When combined, they offer numerous prospects for powerful elemental reactions, particularly when accompanied by a Dendro character.

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