Many Travelers in Genshin Impact have seen only one Moon in Teyvat and believed that there was only one moon in Teyvat's sky. In fact, there are three Moons on this continent. Let's explore them and their stories here.

Moons In Teyvat
Let's learn about Moons in Teyvat!

I. Aria, Sonnet, and Canon

Aria, Sonnet, and Canon are three Moon Sisters in Genshin Impact. They are among the oldest beings in Teyvat, even older than Morax. In the story of this game, these three gods of the Lunar Palace are believed to be the ancestors of Seelies you have met a lot around Teyvat.

Aria, Sonnet, and Canon reside in their own palace and act as makeshift moons in the sky of Teyvat. They will ride their silver carriage through the heavens and switch shifts with each other three times per month.

The Moon In Teyvat
The Moon in Teyvat's sky is the remaining body of one of three fallen Moon Gods.

At some point in the history of Teyvat, a love story between an ancestor of the Seelie and an Outlander happened in the Lunar Palace under the witness of three Moon Sisters. However, a disaster came and they had to flee from the heavens. As punishment, they were separated with totally wiped memories.

Other Seelie ancestors shred parts with broken hearts and became Seelies in the wispy forms as we have met in Teyvat now. Moreover, the disaster continued to ruin the heavens and the earth, destroyed the Lunar Palace, and turned Moon Sisters into enemies.

A Disaster Destroyed Lunar Palace
A disaster destroyed Lunar Palace and ruin their relationship as well as their lives. 

According to the story of Teyvat, three Moon Sisters died, and two of their bodies crumbled away. The only moon in Teyvat's sky is the only left body of them. Then, the sun chariot piloted by morning stars fell and crashed on the land in the west of Liyue and created Dunyu Ruins and The Chasm.

II. Cities Of Moons

Mondstadt and Liyue are the two cities named after the Moon. In German, the word "Mondstadt" means "Moon City" and the name "Liyue" in Chinese means "Crystal Moon". Moreover, Ay-Khanoum, an ancient city built by King Deshret is also known as the City of the Moon Maiden. That city was ruled by King Deshret and the God of Flower Nabu Malikata.

According to many hints and evidence, Nabu Malikata can be a Seelie Ancestor exiled to the earth by the Celestia.

Mondstadt And Liyue
Mondstadt, Liyue, and Ay-Khanoum are three Cities of Moon in Teyvat. 

III. Three Moons Of Teyvat

You might have met all three Moons of Teyvat: in Teyvat's sky, in the Abyss, and in the Blessing of the Welkin Moon which gives subscribers 90 Primogems per day. Moreover, when you log into the game at night, you can see a large moon in Teyvat's sky. It can be the first moon in Teyvat the third moon - Welkin Moon.

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