Shared Sight is the latest event in Genshin Impact 3.8. In this interesting mini-game, you will have to retrieve in specific zones. Let's learn how to use the exclusive gadget and find missing animals here for attractive rewards here.

I. Duration & Eligibility

Shared Sight will be live between August 3rd and 14th, 2023. To take part in this event, you need to reach AR 20 and above. Those players who are eligible for the event need to go to see Lamiya, a female NPC in Sumeru to talk with her and get details for the mission. Then, she will give you a special gadget called Inscribed Mirror after completing the event quest "Tell Me, Mirror Mirror".

Shared Sight Event
Shared Sight is an interesting event at the end of update 3.8.

This interesting event will end before the release of the new update. It’s a great chance for players to earn tons of Primogems for upcoming banners.

II. How To Use Inscribed Mirror Gadget?

Inscribed Mirror is a unique gadget that allows users to view the surrounding area from the perspective of animals. After getting it from Miss Lamiya, you open your inventory and equip it before entering the animal hunting zones. After that, use the mirror and look around with the animal's eyes to locate the animal to be retrieved. Head there and capture them.

Talk To Lamiya
Talk to Lamiya to receive the mirror gadget for the event.

III. Animal Locations

The zone of the animal will be marked on the minimap with a unique symbol of the cat's footprints. Here are the areas of these challenge zone and locations of missing animals where you can retrieve them.

  • Day 1 - Eyes Hidden Behind Trees

The first challenge - Eyes Hidden Behind Trees - is organized in the North of Gandharva Village. It's between the village and a waterfall in the forest of Sumeru. You have to find two Dusk Birds and one Wilbur, which are all local animals in this region. You can find them in three spots:

  • On a big tree root across the stream;
  • On a small hill facing the waterfall; and
  • On a tree branch with a view of Gandharva Ville.
Approach To Retrieve Animals
Approach to retrieve the missing animals.
  • Day 2 - Figure Standing Atop the Dunes

The second challenge - Figure Standing Atop the Dunes - is held in the Oasis in the Land of Lower Setekh. You need to find two desert foxes named Samir and Ashe, and one sacred ibis named Arca. You can find them in three locations:

  • Inside a Hilichurl hut;
  • By some bushes near the water body; and
  • On a high ledge of the sandy cliff.
Figure Standing Atop The Dunes
Interact with this sign in each area to start the challenge.
  • Day 3 - Discovery on a Lakeside Stroll

The third day's challenge takes place in Liyue. You will come back to the Luhua Pool's Terraces. Participants have to find three local animals, including:

  • The Crimson Finch named Orby stands on the shoulder of the soldier statues on the right when you face the ruins.
  • The Crimson Fox named Scrubba stands near the red tree surrounded by three stone lion statues.
  • The Azure Crane named Long Beak stands on a huge spot with a large view over the Luhua Pool. You can use the Wind Current to reach the location of this animal.
Shared Sight Discovery On A Lake
You will return to Luhua Pool on the third day of the event. 

Try to guess the spot of the animal from their perspective. It's easy for experienced players to get to the location when they are very familiar with this area.

  • Day 4 - Snowy Silhouette

You will have to find and retrieve three animals around the specific zone in the Snow-Covered Path in Dragonspine. This is an extremely cold area, so it would be better if you have a Warming Bottle to keep you warm.

You have to find two snow foxes named Renart and Cristo, and a snowboard named Gustav. They can be found in the following places:

  • Near the Frostbearing Tree;
  • On the small island in the lake;
  • On the top of the waterfall.
Shared Sight Snowy Silhouette
You go to Dragonspine to complete the Snowy Silhouette challenge. 

It's pretty hard to spot the two snow foxes from afar as they have white fur. Therefore, you should get close to their locations to spot them.

IV. Event Rewards

Each day, you will get 70 Primogems for each day in the event as long as you retrieve all three required animals. Besides, the game also grand participants 4 Hero Wits and 40,000 Mora per day. In addition, you will get lots of Weapon Ascension Materials from Sumeru. Shared Sight is a 420-Primogem event. Then, you shouldn't ignore this great chance to get rich in this game.

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