Genshin Impact has introduced many characters with the same rating, weapon, and vision, making players confused when choosing the better one for their team comps. Let's compare Mona vs. Kokomi to pick the better one for your teams here.

I. In Open World

Kokomi and Mona are two outstanding Hydro Catalyst supporters in Genshin Impact. They are also good for open-world exploration but for different roles.

  • Kokomi is a good healer for open-world combat. She also contributes more damage and support for teammates than Mona, especially in Co-Op mode. She increases the survivability of the whole team.
Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin
Sangonomiya Kokomi is good for combat in the open-world exploration adventure.
  • Mona is good at moving around with her Alternative Sprint skill which lets her move on the water's surface. Her Alternative Sprinting skill lets her move quickly as a flow of water on the flat terrain surface.

Both of them can apply Hydro to trigger powerful elemental reactions. But Kokomi outperforms Mona in the role of a Hydro enabler.

Genshin Impact Mona
Mona is an ideal character for exploring and traversing the map and water bodies in Teyvat.

II. In Spiral Abyss

Kokomi and Mona have unique and helpful techniques and mechanics to support their teams in Spiral Abyss. Let's compare their advantages for this challenge mode to pick the better one here.

#1. Internal Cooldown (ICD)

Every attack in Genshin Impact has ICD. It means that some elemental attacks of your characters won't apply elements to the hit target. Most Genshin Impact characters get a standard ICD of 2.5 seconds or every 3 hits.

  • Mona has the standard ICD. So, the fourth attack of this character does not unleash the element. It interrupts her in applying Hydro elements for the team during combat.
Mona Icd Mechanics
Mona's ICD mechanics interrupt her Hydro elemental application.
  • Kokomi does not suffer from ICD. Therefore, she can apply more Hydro than Mona. Her Hydro jellyfish can stay on the ground for a long duration. Moreover, her elemental burst can refresh the active time of her elemental skill.

Kokomi surpasses Mona in the role of Hydro enabler in Spiral Abyss. She can enable more elemental reactions than Mona. Moreover, their off-field Hydro application skills are reliable.

Kokomi Icd
Kokomi is not affected by the ICD mechanics.

#2. Mona’s Omen

Mona's burst, Stellaris Phantasm, trigger Illusory Bubble and Omen buffs. Targets hit by Illusory Bubble will get increased damage. The Omen DMG bonus mechanics starts right after you activate her burst. When the buff comes into a cooldown, the output damage of the main DPS will be lower. It's more complicated to use Mona's burst.

Monas Omen
The practice of Mona’s Omen is different from the description.

#3. Mona’s Illusory Bubble

Illusory Bubble makes Mona a good option for Cryo teams. When her elemental burst hit the enemy marked with a Cryo aura, the duration of her Illusory Bubble will be extended. It also helps increase the active time of her Omen DMG buff. It's a pro tip to use Mona as a Hydro enabler in Genshin Impact.

Mona Skill And Burst
Master the mechanics of Mona's elemental burst to boost the DPS unit's output damage.

In short, Mona has a complicated elemental burst. But it would be very useful if you can master this skill. Then, Mona can deal higher damage than Kokomi does.

III. Better Options For Team Comps

Both Mora and Kokomi are meta supporters in the current update. Each of them is better for different teams.

  • Frozen Team: Kokomi is a better option for both on-field and off-field Hydro applications in the Frozen Team. You should use a Cryo DPS and a Cryo buffer in this team. Moreover, Venti, Sucrose, or Kaedehara should join this team to expand the Frozen reaction's AoE.
Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact
Sangonomiya Kokomi is better for the Frozen, Vaporize, and Soup teams.
  • Taser Team: Both Mona and Kokomi are good and helpful for Taser Teams. This team includes two Electro characters, one Hydro unit, and one Anemo unit.
  • Vaporize Team: Kokomi is better for the Vaporize team than Mona as her Vaporize team deals higher damage. Kokomi's team uses Vape while Mona's team uses Forward Vape.
  • Soup Team: Kokomi also outplays Mona in a Soup team with Xiangling, Fischl, and Sucrose.
  • Speedrun Abyss: Mona outperforms Kokomi in Spiral Abyss speedrun performance due to her massive burst. But Mona's burst has a short duration. So, your team must finish the combat challenge quickly. But this play style is not popular in Genshin Impact.
Mona Genshin Impact Speedrun
Mona is a good option for speedrun performance in Spiral Abyss.

In conclusion, you should prioritize Kokomi as she is more flexible than Mona. Moreover, the young descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan is easier to build and play with excellent on-field and off-field Hydro applications.

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