Conch Reminiscences Web Event is an interesting puzzle minigame out of Teyvat. Participants can take part in this web event via this link. Let's check out how to play this game, have fun with puzzles, and claim rewards here.

#1. Schedule & Missions

Conch Reminiscences Web Event is live now. It takes place between July 27th and August 3rd. During this event, participants have to solve puzzles on the event map. Then, they can obtain conches that contain random songs, images, or videos. Your mission is to collect all Phantasmal Conches, Imaging Conches, and Echoing Conches to claim corresponding rewards.

Select The Right Slime
Take part in Conch Reminiscences Web Event now.

#2. How To Play Conch Reminiscences

Conch Reminiscences is an easy-to-play web event. You only have to use your experience and wisdom to solve interesting quests. Follow these steps to play this minigame.

  • Pick a Traveler to control from Aether and Lumine;
  • Control him/her and lead them to the location of quests;
  • Select the right Slimes or interact with tree bushes to solve the quest;
  • Click/tap on the conch when it's unveiled.

After picking up the couch, a hidden picture, song, or video is displayed. You can check out the unlocked conches in the Conchopedia.

Use The Hint
Use the hint to solve puzzles and quests.

Tips To Find Hidden Conches

The tip to find the location of the hidden conch is to find the music staves when going around the map. You should keep an eye on the minimap and check the locations of hidden conches there. Though you cannot check your current location as well as the distance and direction to the couch when opening the map, you can navigate your character by heading to the border.

When you reach the map border, your character will be stopped. Just turn your head and go to seek conches in the area of the map. During your adventure, Paimon will give you some hints to solve the puzzle once you approach the conch. These hints are useful for players to solve the quest and collect the conch.

Collect Conches
Collect conches to claim rewards.

Going to find all the hidden conches in this web event is like solving a maze. Connect the hints in the minimap with the navigation arrow to reach the right location of these items. You can enjoy and relax with these puzzles after spending all resins in Teyvat.

#3. Conch Reminiscences Rewards

Conch Reminiscences web event gives players a small amount of Primogems and rewards. But you shouldn't ignore this chance to earn more Primogems for upcoming banners in Genshin Impact 4.0. Just fulfill the following missions to get these rewards.

  • Collect all Phantasmal and Imaging Conches to get 40 Primogems;
  • Find all Echoing Conches to get 2 Hero's Wits.
Claim Rewards
Claim rewards by redeeming obtained codes.

The amount of Primogems is limited. You should complete this event and claim it before the event ends or it reaches the limit of given-away gifts.

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