Mysterious Ore is a Quest Item obtained from seven different locations throughout Fontaine. To collect 7 Mysterious Ore, you will have to go through a series of puzzles and quests, which eventually lead you to the Bravais' Hidden Study room and unlock 3 hidden achievements including the Come on out, Mystery Ore! Grant my wish! achievement, the Not So Strait Is The Gate achievement and the The Red Meanie's Revenge achievement.

In my experience, finding these Mysterious Ore by yourself will take a lot of time and it is a quite tedious job. So in this article, we will show you the location of all the Mysterious Ores in Genshin Impact. We also have a Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore full guide for you to find the Bravais' Hidden Study should you need it.

Genshin Impact all 7 Mysterious Ore locations

Mysterious Ore location 1

You can find the 1st Mysterious Ore on top of the building near the Experimental Field Generator boss. You don't have to fight the boss if you don't want to. Just climb the wall to the upper level and you will find the Mysterious Ore.

Mysterious Ore Location 1
Mysterious Ore location 1

Mysterious Ore location 2

You can find another Mysterious Ore during the Unfinished Comedy World Quest. At the end of the quest, you will be sent to a maze full of Mysterious Ore walls. You will find the 2nd Mysterious Ore here. You can start the Unfinished Comedy World Quest by getting caught by the tower searchlights, or by swimming through a hole underwater.

Mysterious Ore Location 2
Mysterious Ore Location 2

Mysterious Ore location 3

The 3rd Mysterious Ore can be found during the Road to the Singularity quest. At the end of the quest, you will find yourself in a house with a Mysterious Ore in it.

Mysterious Ore Location 3
Mysterious Ore Location 3

You can enter Kuisel's Clockwork Workshop through the lift northwest of the New Fontaine Research Institute in Fontaine Research Institute to start the quest.

Road To The Singularity Start Location
Starting Road To The Singularity quest location

Mysterious Ore location 4

To get the 4th Mysterious Ore, you have to defeat a hidden Thorny Cyst boss at Mont Esus East. After the boss is defeated, a Mysterious Ore will appear at the location of the boss.

Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore Thorny Cyst
Mysterious Ore location 4

Mysterious Ore location 5

You can find another Mysterious Ore during the Treacherous Light of the Depths Quest. Speak to Sevigne to get the punched tapes then she will open a waterway where you can dive in. You will find a Mysterious Ore inside the cave.

Mysterious Ore location
Mysterious Ore location 5

Mysterious Ore location 6

The 6th Mysterious Ore can be found in the Central Laboratory Ruins. You can find a Mysterious Ore on a mechanical structure in the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. Teleport to a waypoint east of the Statue of the Seven in the region then heads north until you see a Mysterious Ore.

Mysterious Ore location
Mysterious Ore location 6

Mysterious Ore location 7

The last Mysterious Ore is also located in the Central Laboratory Ruins. Teleport to the Central Laboratory Ruins waypoint and you will find a breakable rock. Use Jellyfish Ability to break the rock and you will see a Mysterious Ore.

Mysterious Ore location
Mysterious Ore location 7

How to use Mysterious Ore in Genshin Impact

The Mysterious Ores are used to make Arkhium Stock, which can be further refined into Arkhium Lumenite Arkhium Lumenite at Bravais' Press Works to unlock Bravais' Hidden Study. Below is the guide on how to find Bravais' Hidden Study.

Teleport to a waypoint within the Abandoned Production Area, navigating towards the water where you previously took a dive to escape the Meropide police. Swim through this area until you reach a point where the path splits.

Proceed in the following direction:

  • Take the path to the east (avoid the west, which has a visible Fontaine’s Ring Current). This eastward path will lead you to a concealed teleport waypoint.
  • From the waypoint, move southeast along the path. Swim through the water until you reach a tunnel enclosed in glass. Defeat the Meka guarding the passage.
  •  Upon entering a large room with a central mechanism, approach the mentioned mechanism and insert the Arkhium Stock to complete the initial task.
  • Next, head to the south of the room's bottom to locate a missing Handwheel, which you'll need for the next step.

You'll encounter three valves in need of repair:

  • Ascend to the top slowly, using Elemental Sight to identify three valves that must be turned to halt a gas leak (refer to the image for their locations).
  • Activate the Terminal to receive a new tutorial called 'Forging Press.' The puzzle here is straightforward: press the Terminal whenever the Arkhium Stock emits an orange-red glow.
  • When you encounter an "Error: System Overheated," confront and defeat all enemies near the mechanism before using Hydro on the device.
Defeat all enemies and then use a Hydro ability to activate the mechanism
  • Descend to the room's bottom, and on the eastern side, you'll find a breakable rock with a Hydroculus atop it. Destroy the rock to let water flood in, and then resume the Forging Press until the next error occurs.
  • When you encounter an "Error: Water has entered the system," dive into the water and absorb the Hunter’s Ray ability. Use it to cut the Fontemer Grass ensnaring the Jellyfish.
  • After absorbing the Jellyfish's ability, swim southwest, where you'll encounter a large fan guarded by Red Meanies. There's another fan in the southeast with a similar situation (marked by a quest icon in the image). Employ the Jellyfish's ability to defeat the Red Meanies (earning you a hidden achievement named "The Red Meanies’ Revenge").
  • Before resuming the Forging Press, go to the Terminal on the lower platform and activate the Emergency Drainage Function. Proceed with the Forging Press; this will be the final step.
Akhium Lumenite
Make sure you collect the Akhium Lumenite to use later
  • Upon completing the puzzle, more water will flow in. Before leaving, go to the Akhium Lumenite on the mechanism and collect it. Look for a Precious Chest with an icon in the southeast, and follow it to find an exit. Dive into the tunnel, which will lead to the Statue of the Seven in the Liffey Region.
  • Teleport to the waypoint southeast of the Experimental Field Generator boss and head west. Keep an eye on the ground, as you'll soon spot a cave entrance marked with a quest icon.
  • Use the Akhium Lumenite to unlock the door, earning a hidden achievement called "Not So Strait Is the Gate." Inside the room, you'll discover a 5-star artifact known as "Golden Bird’s Shedding," located near a conch, along with two Luxurious Chests (one containing the Drained Conch Cup quest item), one Precious Chest, and a Hydroculus.

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