Wriothesley is the latest Cryo character in Genshin Impact 4.1 who can take the main-DPS role in many teams. Check out the top 5 Wriothesley DPS teams to build and play in Genshin Impact 4.1 here.

#1. Melt Team

Wriothesley plays as the main DPS who requires the longest active time in this team. Therefore, he needs buffs from the best Cryo supporter - Shenhe for Cryo resonance and faster energy recharge from Cryo particles Shenhe creates.

The combination of Xiangling and Bennett is widely trusted in every battle. The damage contribution from the sub-DPS Xiangling and buffs from Bennett help deal tons of Pyro damage to enemies without long active time. They can support, buff, and heal when staying off-field, allowing Wriothesley to trigger continual Melt reactions.

Melt Team
Build the Melt Team for Wriothesley with these characters.

#2. Burn-Melt Team

Cyro does not react and work effectively with the pure Dendro element, the META element of the game currently. But it does not mean that Wriothesley cannot take advantage of powerful Dendro reactions.

He can trigger the Melt reaction from the Burning reaction of Nahida and a Pyro character like Thoma or Xiangling. Thoma can provide a shield while Xiangling has a better Pyrp application ability. Sucrose will support this team as a buffer, de-buffer, and elemental driver with her elemental burst.

Burn Melt Team
His Burn-Melt Team can benefit from the META Dendro reaction.

#3. F2P Freeze Team

The Freeze team is one of the best options for on-field Cryo DPS like Wriothesley. The sub-DPS Layla not only contributes damage to enemies but also provides this team with a Cryo shield for active characters.

When her shield reacts with the Hydro shield of Xingqiu, they can freeze enemies and support Wriothesley from outside the battle. Kazuha will shred the shield of the opponent and gather small enemies for the main DPS.

F2p Freeze Team
The F2P Freeze Team of Wriothesley is pretty easy to build.

#4. Expensive Freeze Team

Another option of Wriothesley's Freeze Team includes Kokomi as the healer, Ganyu as the sub-DPS and Cryo applier, and Ayato as the Hydro applier. Ayato can also play as an alternative main DPS character who also requires a long active time.

Besides, the long-duration Elemental Bursts of Ayato and Ganyu also allow them to contribute damage from outside the field. This team is easy to use but expensive to build. All of them are 5-star characters with high rarity. But they are insanely powerful and effective in every challenge like countering Experimental Field Generator.

Expensive Freeze Team
This is another option for his Freeze Team.

#5. Mono-Cryo Team

You can also build a Mono-Cryo team which mainly relies on Wriothesley's potential. Diona and Shenhe will buff his Cryo damage by elemental resonance and provide him with a Cryo shield during his active time. Venti can work as a battery to create energy particles for the main DPS and gather small enemies inside the AoE of elemental attacks.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Mono Cryo Team
Mono Cryo Team is also an excellent team option for Wriothesley.

Genshin Impact players having got Wriothesley can also build their own teams based on potential elemental reactions and buffs.

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