Experimental Field Generator is a new boss in Genshin Impact 4.1. You can find it in the Fontaine Research Institute Region and fight it off to get many valuable drops. Check out the best Genshin characters and teams to counter Experimental Field Generator here.

Experimental Field Generator is a new Go boss with an Ousia-aligned core. Therefore, you should use a Pneuma-aligned character from Fontaine to defeat it faster. These are the most recommended teams with current Fontaine characters.

Experimental Field Generator
Build a strong team to defeat the giant Experimental Field Generator boss. 

#1. Lyney's Mono Pyro Team

The mono Pyro team of Lyney is an ideal option to counter the new Experimental Field Generator boss. They can burn the core of this generator and buff the output damage by triggering Pyro resonance. Pick the following characters for this team.

  • Lyney - main DPS;
  • Xiangling - burst supporter;
  • Bennett - battery and healer;
  • Zhongli - shilder.

As Lyney has to stay on the field and aim to shoot, he often takes lots of damage from this boss. That's why you need a shielder and a healer for this DPS. Xiangling has to go with Bennett to charge energy for her Pyronado burst.

Lyney Mono Pyro Team
Lyney stays safe in Zhongly's shield and aims to shoot the unveiled core of the boss.

#2. Freminet's Frozen Team

Freminet is a new Pneuma-aligned Cryo character from Fontaine. This Claymore wielder can play as the main DPS in a Frozen team and counter new giant Ousia-aligned bosses like Experimental Field Generator. You can pick the following characters for his Frozen team:

  • Freminet - main DPS;
  • Kuki Shinobu - battery and healer;
  • Kokomi - Hydro enabler and healder;
  • Rosaria - Cryo supporter.

Kokomi'd Hydro jellyfish can apply Hydro element continually. It's essential for Freminet and Rosaria to trigger a Frozen reaction and deal high damage to the Experimental Field Generator's core. Besides, Shinobu can trigger Electro-charged and Superconduct reactions alternatively.

Frozen Team
Freminet can carry a Frozen team to counter this huge boss.

#3. Neuvillette's Electro-Charged Teams

Neuvillette is the best DPS from Fontaine now. He can play in many teams and cooperate with different sub-DPS and supporters to trigger powerful reactions. Electro-charged is an effective reaction that the Chief of Justice can utilize to counter this large boss. Here are two suggestions for Neuvillette's Electro-charged teams.

  • Fischl + Kazuha + Zhongli
  • Lynette + Shinobu + Kokomi

Neuvillette has to stay active most of the time to utilize his powerful charged attacks. Therefore, he needs to use off-field supporters who do not require long active duration, such as Kokomi, Fischl, and Shinobu. Besides, you need an Anemo character like Kazuha or Lynette to shred the boss's RED.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Team
Neuvillette needs off-field sub-DPS and supporters to buff his abilities. 

Don't forget to unleash as many Pneuma-aligned attacks as possible when the core of the boss is unveiled. After the first time you defeat this boss, you can also unlock the achievement "The Distance of the Moon". This boss drops essential materials for the upcoming character Wriothesley.

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