Range Gauge Genshin is a new 4-star bow in Update 4.1 which has an impressive design and attractive bonus effect. Let's check out the best Genshin Impact characters to wield this new Fontaine-originated weapon.

I. Base Effects & Tips

The new 4-star bow Range Gauge is a good weapon option for DPS characters thanks to its base ATK and additional ATK bonus.

  • Max base ATK: 565;
  • Max ATK bonus: 27.6%.

You should pick a decent healer for your team to activate its passive skill constantly. When the Range Gauge wielder gets healed or this wielder heals other characters, they will get a Unity's Symbol in 30 seconds that can be stacked to 3 symbols.

Range Gauge Genshin
Range Gauge is a cheap but useful weapon for many Genshin Impact DPS units.

Then, these characters can consume these symbols to trigger the Struggle effect in 10 seconds to gain ATK and Elemental DMG bonuses.

II. Best Range Gauge Genshin Wielder

The Range Gauge wielder receives great buffs from its Elemental DMG bonus. Here are the best characters to optimize these effects and the potential of the bow.

#1. Lyney

Lyney can easily benefit from the ATK and Elemental DMG bonuses from Range Gauge. The ATK% sub-stat of this bow increases his output damage massively, especially in his Mono-Pyro team when he goes with Bennett - one of the best healers in Genshin Impact now. Lyney can also heal himself to trigger the buff of this weapon.

Range Gauge For Lyney
You can roll Range Gauge for Lyney.

#2. Ganyu

Ganyu is the best Cryo DPS using the bow in Genshin Impact who requires a great ATK bonus. That's why the Range Gauge is a decent option for her. You can pick Kokomi for the healer role in Ganyu's team and take advantage of the weapon's Passive.

Ganyu Build Genshin Impact
Ganyu can also benefit from this 4-star bow.

#3. Childe

The Weapon Bonus of Range Gauge is a great buff for Childe. But you also need to bring a healer to help him take advantage to trigger Unity's Symbols for ATK buffs. Moreover, Childe's ability scales on ATK, so the ATK% sub-stat of this bow is essential for this Hydro DPS.

Range Gauge For Childe
Pick a healer when giving Range Gauge to Childe.

#4. Yoimiya

Yoimiya also takes advantage of the Weapon Skill. The ATK% sub-stat of this 4-star weapon also boosts the overall damage for this Pyro DPS. But she also needs a healer like Bennett, Kuki Shinobu, or Kokomi to heal her from outside the field and trigger various powerful elemental reactions.

Range Gauge Yoimiya
Let Yoimiya use this bow and gain great output damage.

#5. Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara's kit helps buff teammates based on her ATK. Therefore, the ATK bonus and sub-stats of this bow are essential for her. She will support her team better when wielding this bow and working with a healer.

Kujou Sara
Kujou Sara can support better with Range Gauge.

Range Gauge Genshin bow is a 4-star unit in the current weapon event banner of Update 4.1. You have a higher chance of obtaining this bow than two 5-star weapons in this banner.

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