Neuvillette has made a new record in the second phase of Spiral Abyss 4.1 with an incredibly high pick rate. Let's check out why he is trusted and used so frequently in this phase and how to make him a powerful solo DPS here.

I. Neuvillette's Pick Rate Record

Though Neuvillette is a new character in Genshin Impact 4.1, he surpassed lots of powerful characters, including the Dendro Archon Nahida to become the top-picked character in Spiral Abyss 4.1.

Noticeably, Nahida has occupied this position for several seasons of Spiral Abyss due to her supportive ability kit. Kazuha, Zhongli, and Yelan, who are also widely trusted in previous seasons, are also known for their supportive abilities.

Neuvillette Dominates Spiral Abyss
Neuvillette dominates Spiral Abyss 4.1.

With a record pick rate of 83.3%, Neuvillette became the first DPS unit to get the leading position in this list. Especially, the Chief Justice reaches the top position of the most-used characters quickly, only within a phase. It proves the incredible power of this new Hydro DPS unit in this combat challenge.

II. Neuvillette Spiral Abyss Solo Build

Neuvillette is also recognized and picked as one of the best solo characters in Genshin Spiral Abyss 4.1. In the top list of picked teams in the Chinese server, his solo team also surpassed many powerful compositions like National Teams to become the third-best team comp.

To let your Chief Justice play solo and produce tons of solo damage, you should build his Energy Recharge index by giving him a Tome of the Eternal Flow weapon. Besides, the Heart of Depth artifact set is a perfect option for his solo role. This set brings him a great Hydro DMG Bonus and buffs his Charged Attack DMG.

Neuvillette Is The Best Dps To Play Solo
Neuvillette is the best DPS to play solo.

It can be expensive to build a strong team with all 5-star units or the best characters at their optimal constellation level. But it can be easier for beginners to invest all in Neuvillette.

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