A lot of upcoming characters are revealed in the mega Fontaine Drip Marketing project of Genshin Impact. Let's review all the leaked Fontaine characters and some details about them here.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters

The latest drip marketing video of Genshin Impact has introduced upcoming characters from the Hydro Archon's nation - Fontaine. This made the game community explode with the stunning designs of Fontaine characters. Let's have a look.

  • Hydro Archon

Focalors is ruling Fontaine, and she will join the adventure of the Traveler in this nation to give they hints and stories about Fontaine. You can explore more stories about this character when doing her Archon Quest.

Hydro Archon
Hydro Archon is the most anticipated character in update 4.0.
  • Neuvillette and Clorinde

Neuvillette is the Chief Justice in the nation of Hydro Archon. It may indicate that he serves the Hydro Archon directly and works under her management.

Neuvillette works closely with Focalors.

Clorinde is the first-ever character to appear with a gun in this game. According to a recent leak, she can be a 5-star Electro sword wielder.

Clorinde Electro 5 Star Sword
Clorinde has an impressive and bold design.
  • Navia

Navia appears as a model or idol in Fontaine. But she does not have a real dialogue during the teaser.

Navia has a beautiful and charming design.
  • Freminet

The video starts with the scene of Freminet drowning. This character is the younger brother of the twin magicians Lynette and Lyney. He can be a Cryo Claymore user.

Freminet may be a Cryo character.
  • Lynette and Lyney

Lyney will be a Pyro character who can be a 5-star bow user. He is an excellent magician who always makes the theater crowded for his performance. Lynette is his assistant during his magic shows. She will be an Anemo character.

Lynette and Lyney are famous magicians in Fontaine.
  • Arlecchino

The appearance of Arlecchino attracts lots of players. Now, you can expect to have another playable Fatui Harbinger in this game who wields the Pyro vision and a sword.

Arlecchino took the spotlight in the trailer.
  • Wriothesley and Sigewinne

Wriothesley is a 5-star police officer in Fontaine. With his strong and cold appearance, Genshin players can expect to have a new 5-star Cyro on-field DPS.

Wriothesley (right) and Sigewinne (left) seem to work in the court.

The appearance of these characters in the teaser video confirmed the leaked content last month. Sigewinne can be a Hydro character.

Wriothesley will be a Cryo character.
  • Charlotte

The friendly and adorable photographer Charlotte also appeared in the teaser when she took photos for Navia. She can be a 4-star catalyst user.

Charlotte appeared in Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Program.

A lot of fans and players are excited about Fontaine's release after watching this teaser. According to the trailer, your adventure in this nation will revolve around courts and jokes.

Fontaine Release Date

Fontaine will be released in update 4.0, which may fall in the third week of August. The twin magicians can be the two first playable Fontaine characters to pull. Freminet and Charlotte can be 4-star units in their banners. Genshin Impact publisher may save the banner of Focalors for update 4.2.

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