Clorinde Genshin Impact appeared in the latest teaser of Fontaine - The Final Feast and left a deep impression with a fascinating design. Let's check out all the leaked information about her vision, weapon, and rarity here.

Who Is Clorinde?

Clorinde appeared with Chef Justice - Neuvillette in the middle of the Fontaine teaser video. Her name may be inspired by the name of a French naval vessel in the early 19th century. It can be true because Hoyoverse seems to take inspiration from France in designing and building Fontaine.

Clorinde Character
Clorinde is an upcoming Electro character who may use a sword.

In the teaser video, this beautiful woman wields a gun that shoots Electro bullets. She looks like an ally, assistant, or bodyguard of Neuvillette. Or else, she can be a police officer in the main city like Wriothesley. Her formal outfit may indicate that Clorinde also works in the court.

Vision, Weapon & Rarity

According to some reliable leaks and her outfit design, Clorinde will hold the Electro Vision. Her Vision is clipped on the front part of her shirt. In the teaser, her gun also fired an Electro bullet. Furthermore, Clorinde seems to be a 5-star sword wielder. The gun she held in the teaser video will be not the main weapon of this character in combat.

She May Work In The Court
She may work in the court as a police officer or a bodyguard.

Fontaine is technology advanced nation. Therefore, a lot of players hope the game publisher will introduce an advanced weapon, such as a gun in a future update after version 4.0 for Clorinde. But it can be difficult if she is the only gun wielder in this game. That's why this gun can only be featured in her burst animation.

Clorinde's Voice Actress

Crystal Lee is the English voice actress of Clorinde while Yui Ishikawa takes up the Japanese voice for this character. You can expect a lot of stories and hidden facts about Fontaine from her story quests. This beautiful WAIFU character can be an influencer in this nation and important role in the story of Fontaine.

Clorinde Role In Fontaine
Clorinde looks like a police officer in Fontaine.

Lynette and Lyney can be the two first playable characters from Fontaine. Therefore, you can expect Clorinde's banner in update 4.1 or 4.3 because Focalors will possibly be the new character in update 4.2.

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