Cooking delicious and visually appealing food is also a significant aspect of Genshin Impact. These dishes serve multiple purposes, such as restoring health, buffing stats, and reviving teammates. They can be found as scattered recipes throughout the map or obtained as quest rewards.

The food mechanics in Genshin Impact are straightforward. Acquire recipes through quests, exploration, and challenges. Locate a cooking station, which can be found throughout the map and in cities, and prepare the desired food. In general, higher star-rated foods offer greater benefits, although they require more complex recipes.

It's important to note that cooking quality matters. If you complete the cooking process while the timer is within the yellow box, you will create a perfect dish. Perfect dishes provide a higher bonus compared to normal dishes. Below are the best 5 star dishes Genshin Impact you can make.

Best 5-star food in Genshin Impact

For those who have not known, the one and only 5-star dish in the game now is Adeptus' Temptation.

This dish stands out as it is one of the rare few that boosts the party's attack and critical rate. However, it should be noted that crafting this dish requires a relatively large amount of resources. The stats and ingredients for Adeptus' Temptation are:

  • Stats: Increases the party’s attack by 260/316/372 and critical rate 8/10/12% for 300 seconds.
  • Recipe: 4 Ham, 3 Crab, 3 Shrimp Meat, 3 Matsutake

Remember that this recipe may take a lot of ingredients, it shall help you and your team a lot when the energy is all out. And you will not want to be down amid an intense battle that you are just 1cm close to victory.

Adeptus Temptation
Adeptus' Temptation is the only 5-star dish in Genshin Impact right now.

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Best 4-star food Genshin Impact

Apart from the only 5-star dish, you can also use a lot of 4-star food to strengthen your characters. Some of them include:

Tianshu Meat

Increases all party members’ Physical Damage by 45% and Critical Rate by 10% for five minutes. For each dish, you will have to cook:

  • 4 Raw Meat
  • 2 Sugar (4 Sweet Flowers)
  • 1 Qingxin
  • 1 Matsutake

Golden Crab

Increases all party members’ Defense by 308 and healing effects by 10% for five minutes. The recipe for Golden Crab is obtainable during To Mondstadt in Mona's Story Quest, Astrolabos Chapter: Act I - Beyond This World's Stars. For each serve, you will have to cook:

  • 5 Bird Egg
  • 5 Flour
  • 4 Crab
  • 2 Salt
Best Food Genshin Impact Gurugamer
Not crab but this image represents one of the best 4-star food in the game.

Moon Pie

Increases all party members’ Shield Strength by 35% and Defense by 235 for five minutes. For each dish, you will need to cook:

  • 4 Raw Meat
  • 4 Bird Egg
  • 3 Butter
  • 2 Flour

Eula’s Special Dish: Increases all party members’ Shield Strength by 40% and Defense by 282 for five minutes.

Sweet Madame

This dish restores a significant amount of HP to the selected character and all other party members. It also boosts Crit Rate for a certain duration.

  • 2 Sugar
  • 2 Flour
  • 2 Ham
  • 1 Cream

Jade Parcels

This dish restores a substantial amount of HP to the selected character and all other party members. It also increases all Elemental Resistance for a certain duration. To craft Jade Parcels, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 Raw Meat
  • 3 Mushroom
  • 3 Jueyun Chili
  • 2 Cabbage

Butter Crab

Each reputation system in Genshin Impact has an exclusive recipe at rank 7. For Inazuma, this recipe is Butter Crab.

Butter Crab
You can get Butter Crab after reaching reputation level 7 in Inazuma.

Butter Crab is classified as one of the best defense-boosting dishes. However, it also has a unique feature you can make use of.

The food can increase your team's defense stat by a fixed amount and also boost healing effects by a percentage. In this way, Butter Crab acts as buff for both healing and defense, perfect for feeding healers that are yet fully built. For Butter Crab recipe, you need:

  • 4 Butter
  • 4 Crab
  • 2 Seagrass
  • 1 Matsutake

Vessie Chicken

Vessie Chicken
You can get Vessie Chicken after achieving Fontaine's Reputation level 6.

The recipe for Vessie Chicken is obtainable from Euphrasie for reaching Reputation level 6 in Fontaine.

Depending on the quality, Vessie Chicken boosts all party members' Physical DMG by 25/35/45% and CRIT Rate by 6/8/10% for 300 seconds. For this recipe, each portion will include:

  • 4 Chicken
  • 4 Raw Meat
  • 3 Marcotte
  • 2 Fermented Juice


Haggis is a food item that the player can obtain from Wolsey at Coupon Cafeteria for 300 Credit Coupons. Wosley can be found near Bran, who sells Welfare Meals.

Depending on the quality, Haggis increases all party members' defense by 242/261/308 and healing effects by 6/8/10% for 300 seconds. And the same as most foods in Genshin Impact, this has no effect on other players in Co-Op Mode. Make sure you collect these materials to make a Haggis Genshin Impact dish:

  • 4 Meat
  • 3 Potato
  • 3 Radish
  • 2 Marcotte

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