In the upcoming version 4.0, Genshin Impact will introduce three new characters that players have long been waiting for. HoYoverse typically announces new characters 5-6 weeks before featuring them in a Limited Character Banner. During the recent Special Program event for Genshin Impact update 3.8, it was revealed that the release of the Fontaine nation is imminent.

This new region will introduce a diving mechanic, enabling Travelers to explore the depths of Teyvat underwater.

The official Twitter account of Genshin Impact announced that Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet will be added as new characters in the upcoming update 4.0. See more details regarding these three Fontaine characters.

Lyney and Lynette

Fans have long awaited the arrival of Lyney and Lynette, a sibling duo who made their debut in a story teaser in 2020. The announcement confirmed that both characters will be featured in the first Fontaine update, aligning with previous rumors.

Lyney Lynette
Lyney and Lynette are finally out in the daylight after a long while.

Lyney, described as a celebrated magician of the Court of Fontaine, works alongside his assistant Lynette. Despite his initial friendly demeanor, recent rumors suggest that Lyney possesses a darker side and prioritizes himself and his sister. Genshin Impact confirmed that Lyney will be a new Pyro character. And rumors suggest that he will be the only five-star addition in this update.

Rumors indicate that Lyney will wield a bow as his weapon, specializing in the main DPS role. It is highly likely that he will synergize well with Lynette, who is confirmed to be an Anemo character.

As there have not been many leaks about Lynette's abilities, fans speculate that she may be a four-star character. Many anticipate that the first Fontaine update will revolve around the performance of these two characters.


Fans have observed that the third character, Freminet, is anticipated to be a four-star character. His official splash art reveals that he will be a Hydro claymore user.

Notably, fans also noticed that he appears to be wielding The Bell, a specific claymore weapon, leading to speculation that he may be the first four-star character to effectively utilize its unique stats and effects. Players are eagerly awaiting the introduction of Freminet by HoYoverse.

One of the newest Fontaine characters to come is Freminet.

Accroding to Hoyoverse description of Freminet,

"Among the ranks of able divers, Freminet is renowned for his outstanding professionalism, exceptional ability to stay focused, as well as his abundant maritime knowledge. It's just a shame that, as a classic lone wolf, he never accepts commissions from others. As the younger brother of Fontaine's famous magical duo Lyney and Lynette, Freminet prefers to stay out of the limelight."

The official post did not provide specific details about the distribution of the characters across the banner cycles in Genshin Impact update 4.0. However, Travelers anticipate that Lyney and Lynette will likely be featured in the first part of the update, while Freminet is expected to be released in the second banner cycle.

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