Genshin Impact Ruin Drake is a strong and annoying boss. You need its boss drops to craft some weapons. Check out its locations and the best tips to clear this boss rapidly here.

I. Ruin Drake Locations

Ruin Drake spawns in some fixed locations in Sumeru. Here are all spots where you can encounter this elite boss.

  • Dharma Forest

There are eight drakes in the North of Dharma Forest. You can easily spot these bosses on the ground. Then, go to the south of this forest to defeat six other Ruin Drakes.

Dharma Forest
Dharma Forest
  • Underground Ruin Drake

There are three Ruin Drakes you can find underground in Sumeru. These enemies spawn in big caves and tunnels in the north of Pardis Dhyai and Grove of Dreams.

Underground Enemies
Locations to find underground Ruin Drakes.
  • Land of Upper/Lower Setekh

You can find seven enemies in the Land of Upper Setekh when wandering near the border of the map. There are four other Ruin Drakes in the Land of Lower Setekh.

Land Of Setekh
Land of Setekh
  • Desert of Hadramaveth

You will find six Ruin Drakes around the Desert of Hadramaveth. You can find more Drakes in the south of Wounded Shin Valley after completing the main quest with Jeht.

Desert Of Hadramaveth
Desert of Hadramaveth
  • Gavireh Lajavard

There are four Ruin Drakes in the Gavireh Lajavard. Go to the north of Tugini Hollow, south of Temir Mountain, and Gate of Zulqarnain to find these bosses.

Gavireh Lajavard
Gavireh Lajavard

II. How To Defeat Ruin Drake

Ruin Drake is an annoying boss as the Skywatch is able to fly and the Earthguard is nimble and powerful. The Sky Check out some tips to defeat this boss quickly here.

  • Evade and avoid its Energy Torrent Attack and Rushing Attack.
  • Use a solid shield to stay safe from the powerful attacks of this boss.
  • Use Physical attacks to hit the enemy when its Elemental Resistance increases.
  • When the enemy is about to unleash its Infused Elemental Energy Torrent, trigger a shield and leave the AoE attack.
Ruin Drake
Aim and shoot the weak points of Ruin Drakes.
  • Hit is weak points in the center of its body when it glows up.
  • Don't use a mono-elemental team because this boss will enter the Elemental RES phase when it takes enough DMG from one element. Instead, build a team with different elements and elemental reactions.

These tips help you clear this annoying boss rapidly without losing much HP. You should use nimble characters and recruit a Physical DPS character to counter this boss.

IV. Ruin Drake Drops

Ruin Drake drops some essential materials for new craftable weapons in Sumeru, including Chaos Storage, Chaos Bolt, and Chaos Module. Then, you can use these materials for the following weapons.

  • Fruit of Fulfillment
  • Forest Regalia
  • Moonpiercer
  • Sapwood Blade
  • King's Squire
Ruin Drake Drops
Use Ruin Drake drops for these weapons.

Ruin Drake is not difficult to defeat if you use these tips. Mark the location of these enemies on the map to come back when they respawn.

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