DON'T Waste Your Mora On Top 6 Useless Things In Genshin Impact

Yooki - Jul 01, 2023 | Mobile Games

Here are the most useless things in Genshin Impact that you should not spend Mora on. Use your Mora wisely and spend it on helpful things.

It's easy to earn Mora in Genshin Impact. But you shouldn't waste your Mora on useless things. Here are the most useless things that you should not spend Mora on.

#1. Leveling Up Supporter's Normal Attacks

Talent level-up is expensive. Therefore, you should only spend it on useful attacks, such as elemental skill and burst. The normal attacks of Genshin Impact characters often deal a moderate amount of DMG to enemies. Hence, you had better spend your Mora on useful skills.

Focus On The Useful Talent
Focus on useful talent to use Mora and materials for leveling up.

#2. Upgrading Artifacts With Wrong Sub-stats

It's a waste when spending your Mora on upgrading the artifacts with useless sub-stats. A lot of artifacts look good but they have useless sub-stats. It would be better to farm and level up useful artifacts with suitable buffs for your characters.

Spend Mora On The Right Gear
Spending Mora on the right gear for your most-used characters is a good way to save it.

#3. Leveling Up Characters To Level 90

All Genshin Impact characters are at the best stats when they reach level 80. Thus, it's wasteful when spending 684,800 Mora to upgrade your characters to level 90. Instead, save your Mora to upgrade useful talents and gear.

Level 80 Is Enough
Level 80 is optimal for all characters in Genshin Impact now. 

#4. Upgrading Useless Weapons

Many 4-star and 5-star weapons are not useful for your characters. If you don't use these weapons, don't spend your Mora on upgrading them. You can save them for the right characters who you may obtain in a future banner. When getting new characters, you may need tons of Mora for upgrading and leveling them up.

Spend Mora On The Right Weapon
Spend Mora on the right weapon and future characters.

#5. Items From NPC Vendors

Many NPC Vendors sell things you can easily collect in the wild at high prices. It's a waste of Mora when buying these items from NPC merchants. You should grow floral ingredients in your Serenitea Pot and pick other ingredients in the wild. There are a lot of mushrooms, vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, and fowls in the open world of the game.

Farm Materials Instead Of Buying
Farm materials instead of buying them from vendors and NPCs in the game.

#6. Ascending All Characters

It's hard to get your target characters all the time. Therefore, you may have many characters you never use. Don't waste your Mora on ascending all characters you have. Just focus on the ones you often use in the game and save your in-game money for rainy days. Sometimes, you are too busy to farm Mora but you may need lots of this currency for some weapons, characters, or instant food.

Only Level Up Useful CharactersOnly level up useful characters that you pulled on purpose. 

Though it's easy to get Mora in Genshin Impact, you shouldn't waste it on useless things and waste your time on farming more Mora for necessary things. Just spend your Mora wisely to make your team stronger.

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