Genshin Impact has introduced many new 4-star units since the Sumeru Update 3.0. Let's check out their tier here and spend your Primogems on the best characters.

4 Star Characters
Sumeru characters are ranked.

I. Tier-S Characters

There are three characters rated Tier-S since update 3.0, including Kirara, Layla, and YaoYao. Though YaoYao is not a Sumeru character, she still appears on this list as she was released after the Sumeru update.

  • YaoYao is one of the best healers. Moreover, she can mark the targets with Dendro auras to let Pyro, Electro, or Hyro characters trigger powerful reactions.
Yaoyao Genshin Impact
YaoYao is a Tier-S character.
  • Layla is one of the best shielders in Genshin Impact who can support many teams, such as Frozen, Melt, and Physical DPS teams.
  • Kirara is also an excellent shielder in Genshin Impact. Moreover, her shield can deal DMG to the hit target. Then, her shield can protect the active characters from being trapped inside Mist Bubbles.
Layla And Kirara
Layla and Kirara are also excellent.

These characters can play well in many teams. If you haven't got a decent shielder or healer for your team, you can save Primogems for these Tier-S characters.

II. Tier -A Characters

Faruzan is the only Tier-A unit among all new 4-star Sumeru characters. She is the best Anemo buffer that can make Xiao and Wanderer, the two best Anemo DPS currently, stronger. Faruzan can also buff the 4-star Anemo DPS Heizou and make him absolutely powerful.

Faruzan Genshin Impact
Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter.

III. Tier-B Characters

Collei and Kaveh are two tier-B 4-star Sumeru characters. They can play as Dendro applicators for Dendro-reaction teams.

  • Collei is an off-field Dendro applicator with a support-oriented kit.
  • Kaveh can play as the on-field DPS in the Bloom team. The number of reactions he can trigger depends on the Elemental Mastery stats of the Hydro applicator.

If you don't have good 5-star replacements for Collei and Kaveh, you can pull and build these characters to use in your Dendro teams.

Collei And Kaveh
Collei and Kaveh are good in some teams.

IV. Tier-C Characters

Dori and Candace are less preferred among new Sumeru 4-star characters. There are many characters with the same effect who can replace Candace and Dori. But they are still worth pulling because of these reasons.

  • Dori can apply the Electro element, heal the team, and regenerate energy. She is a good off-field Electro supporter if you don't have Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Shinobu, and other healer and battery characters.
  • Candace is only worth pulling if you don't have Xingqiu and Yelan. But almost all Genshin Impact players have got a strong Xingqiu because he was given away many times.

Tier-C characters are less picked. They are only recommended for beginners who haven't got better options.

Dori And Candace
Dori and Candace are less preferred.

V. Tier-D Characters

Mika is the only tier-D 4-star unit among new characters after the Sumeru Update. It's because he is not a flexible character. He can only play well in Eula's team. Therefore, Mika is not frequently picked since his release.

Genshin Impact Mika
Mika is not flexible.

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