A new character wielding Claymore named Freminet may be released in Genshin Impact 4.0. He may be a 5-star Cryo character from Fontaine after the twins Lyney and Lynette. Check it out here.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters
A new Cryo Claymore character may be released in Update 4.0.

Genshin 4.0 New Character

Lyney and Lynette will be the two earliest characters from Fontaine when this nation is unlocked. Lyney will be a 5-star Pyro character wielding a bow while Lynette will be a 4-star Anemo sword wielder. Lynette may be a supporter of Lyney in combat.

Next, a new 5-star Cryo character using Claymore will be released in update 4.0. His name is Freminet, a diver from Fontaine. According to another leaker, Freminet may be a 4-star character instead of a 5-star unit. In the leaked design, he looks pretty cool.

A New Cryo Claymore Character
Freminet may be the new Cryo Claymore character.

The Hydro Archon, a highly anticipated character from this nation, may come to the playable list in update 4.2. A Fatui character may be the next unit released in update 4.3. These leaks make Genshin Impact players excited. A new character from Fontaine, Charlotte, also appeared in the Live-stream program of Update 3.7 a few days ago.

First Glimpse Of Fontaine

The first look of the Hydro Nation 'Fontaine' was unveiled at the end of the Genshin Impact 3.7 Live-stream program. It surprised many players with its unique undersea background. The video of Aether diving underwater makes viewers believe that it can be a new feature in Fontaine.

Undersea World
The first glimpse of Fontaine.

If the Traveler and other playable characters can dive into the water, they can interact and collect more marine species and explore water bodies in Teyvat. It can be the base for the new game modes and various quests and events in this game, making the Genshin Impact world more diverse and larger.

There may be a new mechanism in Genshin Impact.

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