Genshin Impact 3.7 will bring many new and old events with some additions. Most veterans are aware of these events. Therefore, Hoyoverse added some new features to the minigames to make them more exciting. Check them out here.

#1. Duel! The Summoner’s Summit

Genshin Impact 3.7 live-stream program has revealed all upcoming events in the next update. The Summoner's Summit is the biggest event in update 3.7. It has four minigames with a lot of valuable rewards and interesting activities.

  • Heart of the Dice: An stamp collecting game in four unlocked nations of Teyvat. You have to reach the spot of the challenge and collect the required items within the given time.
  • A Tour of Wonders: A card game inspired by TCG game mode. But you can only use the cards given for each challenge.
  • Zero Hour Invokation: A puzzle game similar to the Evermotion Mechanical Painting event. Participants also connect parts of the painting with the given mechanical components.
  • Evermotion Mechanical Painting: A combat challenge with buffs from Elemental Dices. During the combat challenge, players have to gather the elemental dice to trigger Suppressive Rolls and clear enemies.

The 4-star bow Ibis Piercer is the grand reward of the Duel! The Summoner’s Summit event. Besides, you also get its refinement materials, tons of Primogems, Mora, and materials.

Duel The Summoners Summit
Duel! The Summoner’s Summit is inspired by the TCG mode.

#2. Divine Ingenuity: Collector’s Chapter

Genshin Impact 3.7 will bring back a domain-building game. But participants can set up combat challenges for visitors. This is a new feature in Divine Ingenuity 3.7. After completing the construction, you have to clear it before being able to publish the domain. It makes the mini-game more challenging and exciting than the previous event.

Divine Ingenuity Event
Divine Ingenuity event has a new combat feature.

#3. Feast of the Departed Warriors

Feast of the Departed Warriors is another rerun event in Genshin Impact 3.7. Genshin Impact players will counter familiar bosses during this event and defeat them to claim rewards. It's similar to the Legend of the Vagabond Sword event in update 1.6. This is a great source of 420 Primogems for character and weapon banners in updates 3.7 and 3.8.

Feast Of The Departed Warriors
Feast of the Departed Warriors is a combat event.

#4. Fayz Trials: Hypostasis

Faze Trials Hypothesis is also a rerun event in Genshin Impact 3.7. You have to mark the weak points of the enemy with the camera to clear them and complete the combat challenge faster. It's a kind of buff, but you have to move and capture quickly and accurately. It's another 420-Primogem event, which help you earn at least two fates for upcoming banners.

Fayz Trials Hypostasis
Fayz Trials: Hypostasis is also a rerun event.

#5. Ley Line Overflow

Ley Line Overflow is a familiar event for most Genshin Impact players. The next update also features a level-up material farming event for participants. Though you cannot earn Primogems from Ley Line Overflow, you shouldn't miss this chance to claim double materials for character level-up.

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