Glittering Elixirs is a new Genshin Impact web event lasting from May 11th to 20th, 2023. You can get 120 Primogems after completing this special event for the potion crafting activity. Check out how to play and claim all rewards here.

Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs
Take part in the Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs event.

I. How To Play Glittering Elixirs

Genshin Impact players can go to the event page via the event link to participate in the Glittering Elixirs web event. Then, you log into the event with UID or miHoYo account to start playing. The event takes place between May 11th and 20th, 2023.

Follow these steps to complete the event.

  • Obtain potion recipes
  • Choose ingredients and craft the potion
  • Interact with Nahida and Cyno
  • Claim rewards.

You have to complete daily missions of the event to get the potion recipe, such as logging into the game, visiting official fan pages of the game on Twitter, Hoyoverse, Facebook, etc., using 40 Resins, and more random missions every day.

How To Take Part In The Glittering Elixirs Event
Learn to play the Glittering Elixirs event.

II. Glittering Elixirs Potion Recipes

There are sixteen potion recipes in the Glittering Elixirs web event, including eight recipes with oil and eight recipes with water.

2.1. Recipes with water

Firstly, check out eight potion recipes with water. You can get water from the event inventory.

Potions Ingredients
Invigorating Summer Water, mint, and white iron chunk
Sweet Bug Bait Ajilenakh Nut, water, and white iron chunk
Nahida's Cooling Waterproofer Henna Berry, water, and white iron chunk
Calming Oil Zaytun Peach, Luminescent Spine, and water
Sweet Dreams Sleep Fragrance Crystal Chunk, water, and Zaytun Peach
Invigorating Cool Mint Drink Butterfly Wings, mint, and water
Dancing Butterflies Refreshment Zaytun Peach, Butterfly Wings, and water
Nahida's Vivifying Forest Essence Ajilenakh Nut, frog, and water
Unlock Sixteen Recipes
Unlock sixteen recipes to claim rewards.

You can easily collect other ingredients by completing event missions. The event will give you random items for each complete task.

2.2. Recipes with oil

There are eight recipes with oil and similar ingredients.

Potions Ingredients
Growth Potion: For Plants Starshroom, oil, and white iron chunk
Fragrant Balm Ajilenakh Nut, oil, and Luminescent Spine
Cooling Potion Luminescent Spine, mint, and oil
Energy Booster: Endorsed by the General Mahamatra Nilotpala Lotus, Luminescent Spine, and oil
Beautifying Oil: For Decoration Crystal Chunk, Ajilenakh Nut, and oil
Nutrients for Houseplants Crystal Chunk, Starshroom, and oil
Mira-Cure Potion ZButterfly Wings, oil, and Starshroom
Cyno's Wind-Resistant Sunscreen Sand Grease Pupa, oil, and mint
Select Ingredients
Select ingredients to craft potions.

III. Glittering Elixirs Rewards

The event 'Glittering Elixirsi is one of the most fruitful web events in Genshin Impact. After completing all sixteen potion recipes, you can claim many rewards.

  • 120 Primogems
  • 90,000 Mora
  • 8 Hero's Wits
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ores

This is an interesting event for players to interact with Sumeru characters. In addition, you can save Primogems for upcoming banners in update 3.7. The next update's banners will be revealed today.

Completing All Sixteen Potion Recipes
Claim 120 Primogems after completing all sixteen potion recipes.

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