Recollector's Path is a new time-limited event in the desert of Sumeru with tons of valuable rewards. Check out the guide on how to complete all six challenges in Genshin Impact 3.6 event here.

I. How To Unlock Recollector's Path

Genshin Impact has released a Sumeru Desert event called 'Recollector's Path' with many challenges. It opened between May 8th and 22nd, during Update 3.6. To be eligible for this event, Genshin Impact players need to meet the following requirements.

  • Reach AR20 and above
  • The World Quest series "The Splendorous Sky That Day" has been completed.
  • Complete the World Quest chain "As the Khvarena's Light Shows" and obtain the "Twin-Horned Chaplet".
Recollectors Path Event
Recollector's Path event has six parts.

Then, you can take part in this event and start to complete challenges to claim valuable rewards. There are six challenges for you to play.

  • Shelter of Fragrance and Lilies
  • Withered Vessel, Hollowed Mind
  • A Pilgrimage Upon Blade's Edge
  • Silenced Percussion
  • That Which Lingers
  • The cacophony of the Tunigi Catastrophe

These challenges will be unlocked every day during the event duration. Six days after the release date, eligible Genshin players can complete all six challenges at once.

Complete Trials To Claim Rewards
Complete different trials to claim rewards.

II. How To Play Recollector's Path

Each part of the Recollector's Path event has unique gameplay and missions. Check out how to play this mini-game with Sorush here.

2.1. Shelter of Fragrance and Lilies

Sorush is the main character to control in the Recollector's Path. Therefore, you have to equip this gadget first. Then, go to the teleport waypoint in the northwest of Tunigi Hollow. In the first challenge, participants have to complete three missions:

  • Expel Hilichurls with fewer than 20 Nirodha Fruits
  • Restore Reminiscence near the Statue of Seven at Vourukasha Oasis
  • Complete the conclusion quest

To expel enemies with no more than fruits, you have to throw them at Electro Barrels, Enraged Flower, and Rowdy Bonfire. Don't forget to aim at the central object to make the biggest explosion and AoE damage.

Restore Reminiscences
Find the right spot to view and restore reminiscences.

2.2. Withered Vessel, Hollowed Mind

The second challenge of the Recollector's Path event is unlocked after you complete the prerequisite quest. Go to the teleport waypoint in the south of Vourukasha Oasis to start the mission. Then, fulfill the following objectives.

  • Collect 42 Valiant Corollas within the given time and use all Glowing Wreaths to move faster.
  • Get at least 3000 scores.
  • Restore Reminiscence in the underground cavern in the south of Tunigi Hollow.

After completing all objectives of the second part, you can claim all rewards for this part and unlock the next part.

Intrepid Impulse
Intrepid Impulse trial is an easy mission.

2.3. A Pilgrimage Upon Blade's Edge

The third day of Recollector's Path features two parts: Tranquil Trail and Thorny Trek. You also use Sorush to throw Nirodha Fruits. Go to the Gate of Zulqarnain and head north to start the first combat trial.

  • Expel the Hilichurls with no more than 20 Nirodha Fruits
  • Destroy the required number of barrels and boxes.
Aim At Special Objects
Aim at special objects to throw Nirodha Fruits for explosions.

It's similar to the combat challenge on the first day of the event. You have to aim at the following objects to complete these missions quickly.

  • Torrent Amber
  • Piercing Thorns
  • Electro Crystal
  • Enraged Flower
  • Numbing Barrel

After completing the Tranquil Trail, participants have to move to the cavern in Asipattravana Swamp to restore Reminiscence. Fly around to find the right spot to view and restore it.

2.4. Tips To Play Recollector's Path

On days 4 to 6, you do the same challenges of repealing enemies, collecting Valiant Corollas, and restoring Reminiscence. You may need some tips to complete the event fast.

  • When repealing enemies, you can throw Nirodha Fruits into wooden fences and burn them down. Then, the rolling fruit from Enraged Flower is not blocked. Then, it can reach all enemies in its path.
  • Enraged Flower must be used at last, after you gather Hilichurls on the path of its fruit.
  • When collecting Valiant Corollas, you should use Glowing Wreaths to move faster. Then, avoid obstacles on the trail of corollas.
Destroy Boxes And Barrels
Destroy all boxes and barrels in the area to complete an objective of the mission.

III. Recollector's Path Rewards

Participants will get 70 Primogems for each part of the event. At the end of Recollector's Path, excellent participants can obtain 420 Primogems. In addition, there are a lot of Mora and many other precious materials, such as:

  • Hero's Wits
  • Mystic Ores
  • Weapon Ascension Materials for Sumeru characters.
Claim Event Rewards
Claim 420 Primogems and all event rewards from this event.

Recollector's Path is an exciting trial completion event in Sumeru. It will end soon. Therefore, you should complete all event missions before the last day and claim valuable rewards.

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