Many Genshin Impact characters scale on Elemental Mastery. You should build this status for them to increase their DMG and let them play better. Check out the top 6 Genshin Impact characters scaling with Elemental Mastery at their C0.

#1. Nahida

Nahida, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, is the Dendro archon from Sumeru. Most of her abilities and signature weapon scales with Elemental Mastery. Her DMG also comes from her elemental skill and the second ascension passive talent. The elemental burst of this character provides the whole team with a significant buff.

Nahida Genshin Impact
Nahida is the best Dendro enabler and DPS with high EM.

Nahida is one of the most ideal enablers and buffers in Genshin Impact now. DMG buffs from her elemental skill and Crit rate scales with Elemental Mastery.

#2. Sucrose

Like Nahida, Sucrose's buff for the team also scales with Elemental Mastery. This Anemo supporter helps stimulate Elemental Mastery for the whole team. The DMG from her Swirling reactions also depends on this status. Sucrose is one of the most preferred 4-star supporters in the game for her stable power.

Sucrose Genshin Impact
Sucrose can buff the team better with high EM and Swirl reactions.

#3. Kadaehara Kazuha

Kazuha is also one of the top supporters scaling on Elemental Mastery stats. He is known for his crowd-control ability. However, you should now look down on his DMG buffs. After triggering the Swirl reaction, Kazuha will buff the elemental DMG for the whole team in 8 seconds. That's why you should build this stat to optimize his ability.

Kazuha Genshin Impact
Kazuha's DMG scales with his EM.

#4. Yae Miko

The beautiful kitsune character was not highly estimated at her release. You had to build a lot of stats for Yae Miko, such as EM, ER, Crit rate, Crit DMG, Electro DMG, etc. to optimize this character. It's pretty expensive, especially for F2P teams.

However, after the release of the Dendro element, Yae Miko is one of the most anticipated characters. She can trigger a lot of powerful elemental reactions, such as Quicken, Aggra­vate, and Spread in Dendro-based teams. The kitsune character became the top-picked character for Dendro reactions with a full EM build.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko
Yae Miko became the top-ranked character after the release of the Dendro element.

#5. Kuki Shinobu

Like Yae Miko, Kuki Shinobu was underestimated before update 3.0. She had been used as a supporter and healer in a few teams, such as the Electro-Charged team. But after the release of Nahida, she became the most preferred character for Nahida's team with Xingqiu. The trio can trigger continuous reactions to deal tons of damage to enemies.

Kuki Shinobu
Kuki Shinobu's buff also scales with EM.

#6. Tignari

Tighnari can deal great DMG to single-target opponents in a very short time. His DMG also scales with Elemental Mastery significantly. The higher this stat is, the more stable and powerful his attacks are. That's why you should focus on Elemental Mastery buffs when choosing artifacts and weapons for him.

Genshin Impact Tighnari
Tighnari has great single-target DMG.

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