Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy with a unique design. Here are some must-know facts about his ability, characteristics, and design. You can understand more about this herbalist in Liyue. Check them out below.

Baizhu Is A Healer
Explore the story of Baizhu now.

#1. Changsheng Companion

Changsheng is the snake companion of Baizhu. Its name means "longevity" or "eternal life" in Chinese, which the pharmacist is pursuing. It's also inspired by a legend related to the legendary White Snake named Bai Suzhen, also known as Bai Niang Zi.

The mythological white snake married a Chinese herbalist called Xu Xian and they cured a lot of patients with their medicinal knowledge. Though the story of Baizhu and Changsheng is not similar to the myth, it still reminds many players of that story.

Genshin Impact Baizhu
Baizhu named his white snake pet 'Changsheng' after his desire for longevity.

#2. Meaning Of Baizhu's Name

Baizhu's name in Chinese refers to a local herb called Atractylodes Macrocephala. He is also a herbalist with broad medical knowledge. Besides, his family name, Bai, is similar to the surname of Bai Suzhen, the mythological snake with knowledge and immortality. It's another hypothesis about the root of his name.

#3. Baizhu Persues Mortality

Baizhu is pursuing longevity because of his physical health situation. He is an excellent herbalist who can cure a lot of patients and treat many diseases. However, Baizhu cannot cure his disease. He is still suffering from his physical weakness.

Baizhu And Qiqi Genshin Impact
Baizhu takes care of Qiqi because of his desire for eternal life.

He also takes care of Qiqi because of his desire for eternal life. His desire is contrary to Hu Tao's thoughts who believe the birth and death circle is a normal concept.

#4. Unique Flavor Of Baizhu's Medicine

There is a commission in Liyue called 'Good Medicine Tastes Bitter'. Travelers have to cook almond tofu to give a little girl near Buhu Pharmacy to help her take the bitter medicine. Baizhu also introduced that his medicine tastes more bitter than normal.

Baizhu Medicine
He believes that bitter herbs are good medicine for patients.

Xiangling and Keqing from Liyue also confirm the bitter flavor of his medicine. Fortunately, his signature dish, Heat-Quelling Soup, has a sweet taste as the herbalist added sugar to make it taste better for Travelers.

#5. His Physical Health Is Poor

Baizhu is suffering from an incurable ailment. Therefore, he always looks weak and fragile. He also needs Qiqi and Herbalist Gui to support him in collecting herbs and mixing medicines in the pharmacy. Though being a good herbalist, he cannot heal himself with his knowledge or medicines.

Baizhu Is A Patient
Baizhu always looks weak and vulnerable due to his incurable disease.

Baizhu is an interesting character. Explore more stories of this character by doing his story quest now before you are too busy with other quest chains. You can unveil many hidden facts about this herbalist while talking with him and his acquaintances in Liyue.

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