Being a top-notch game at the moment, Genshin Impact still has some features that make fans feel a little annoyed on their open-world adventure. Here are some annoying features that fans wish to witness some changes in the game.

1. Nothing much to do towards the end

Players commented that the higher levels they get, the fewer things they can do in Genshin Impact. As they reach around AR55, they only need one main roster to clear out all missions. The only thing that can still make it difficult for them is the Spiral Abyss with the last levels being refreshed every now and then.

Those who have not completed Spiral Abyss are categorized into two types: at low Adventure Rank or have yet built the strongest team to explore the game. Currently, HoYoverse has just added new content Genius Invokation TCG, yet it seems not enough to quench the thirst for gamers.

Genius Invokation
Genius Invokation TCS is a new permanent feature in the game that has not fulfilled players' requirements.

2. Repetitive Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions are missions that Traveler should complete on the daily basis to get Primogems and other rewards. These tasks are quite easy and require little effort to finish. However, users are finding these boring as the system give them the same commissions throughout the week. If HoYoverse makes them more diverse, they may maintain the favor for a longer time.

3. Limited Original Resins

Original Resins that run out too quickly is also on the list of most annoying features in Genshin Impact. These are important materials that unlock important rewards (artifacts, weapon materials, etc.) yet they only provide 160 Resins every turn.

Original Resins
Players have to spend their pocket money if they want to use as many Resin as possible at once.

To lots of players, they need more Resins to farm for what they need. It usually takes days to weeks to get the artifacts they want for the characters, and just a bit more Original Resins may help improve their impression of the developer.

4. Too few male characters

Gacha games mainly aim at male players who are single and or at an adolescent age. That's one of the reasons why the creators usually create more female characters on the whole.

Being a gacha game itself, Genshin Impact also introduces a lot of female characters. This leads to a fairly large gender imbalance for the characters in the game.

Male Genshin Characters
One of the most annoying features in Genshin Impact is the number of male characters are too small.

Currently, the female units are significantly outnumbering the male cast, and double the ratio is not an exaggeration. Fans are now asking for more male characters to balance this out, but it's clear that HoYoverse can't do that anytime soon.

5. Stronger enemies

Genshin Impact does a great job at character balancing. Currently, most of the characters can be used in the appropriate lineup. However, the enemy is a different story. After each update, players get a stronger squad, leading to the producer constantly having to upgrade the character to create new challenges.

The result of this is that at the moment, the enemies are getting stronger and stronger. These annoying opponents all have high HP and even hard-to-break shields that make the battles too time-consuming.

Boss battles are disliked the most as the enemies deal huge ATK while taking relatively small damage. You can say that these annoying enemies contribute a great deal to making the game even more irritating to some players.

Tips To Defeat Guardian Of Apeps Oasis Genshin Imp
Enemies are getting much stronger, for example, the Guardian Of Apep's Oasis.

6. Spiral Abyss and its requirements

Spiral Abyss is the easiest yet the hardest content for players to plow Pirmogems, depending on the player's lineup. It is also Genshin Impact's best late-game content at the moment and also helped shape the meta game.

Unfortunately, Spiral Abyss requires quite a bulky strength from the team compositions, resulting in only players who have deposited a lot of money to be able to complete every stage. Most F2P players find it hard to obtain full stars in Spiral Abyss also due to this problem.

The highest floors of Spiral Abyss will always feature world level bosses and take a lot of time to defeat. Getting rid of these monsters requires the player to have enough characters with powerful weapons. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to defeat them in a limited time.

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