Combat is the most interesting experience in Genshin Impact. However, players sometimes get annoyed with the following opponents in the open world or Spiral Abyss. Check out the most annoying opponents below.

#1. Geovishaps

Geovishaps are the most annoying opponents in Liyue. Their burrowing movements can drive you crazy. They will disappear on the ground and attack you suddenly from an unexpected direction. Besides, Geovishaps are very nimble, so it's hard for players to attack them.

Tips: You must have a shield to reduce the DMG taken during combat. Then, summon a Geo obstacle to stop them from rolling toward you. Next, release the most powerful attack to deal DMG to them.

Geovishaps Genshin Impact
Geovishaps are very nimble.

#2. Ruin Hunter

Ruin Hunter is the more nimble and deadly version of Ruin Guard. It flies above your head and fires chasing missiles at your characters. It's hard to target its weak points, especially for players bad at using bows.

Tips: You should aim at the core of the enemy to make it drop to the ground. Then, release powerful bursts and skills to deal DMG to it while it's reachable. If you don't have a bow wielder, evade its attack and wait until it gets lower and reachable.

Aim At The Core Of Ruin Hunter
Aim at the core of the Ruin Hunter.

#3. Mirror Maiden

Mirror Maiden's teleportation skill will drive you crazy. Besides, you may get infuriated with her AoE skills. Her Mirror Cage mechanic can trap your characters and freeze them in a small spot on the battlefield.

Tips: You should use a Frozen team to counter this boss. This elemental reaction can freeze her and stop Mirror Maiden from teleporting.

Mirror Maiden
Mirror Maiden can teleport to evade your bursts.

#4. Rifthounds

The Corrosion mechanic of Rifthounds is really infuriating. It will reduce your character's HP gradually. In addition, these Rifthounds teleport around the battlefield to attack you.

Tips: You need a healer to recover HP for all party members. Keep moving around to evade their attacks. Ayaka and Mona's movements can be helpful to evade them.

Rifthounds Are Hard To Defeat
Rifthounds are hard to defeat.

#5. Whopper-flowers

Whopper-flowers are the earliest annoying opponents in Teyvat. Though they came very early, they are still very difficult to defeat. They often dig underground and disappear in front of your eyes. Then, Whopper flowers will sprout behind you and surprise you with deadly attacks.

These nimble enemies can evade your bursts, which is the most annoying thing in this game. You need to remember their attack patterns and trigger powerful reactions and bursts in their charging phases. The elemental skills of Anemo Travelers and Jean are useful to reduce the mobility of these dangerous flowers.

Whopper Flowers
Attack Whopper-flowers in their charging phases.

#6. Abyss Mages

It takes players a long time to defeat Abyss Mages in Genshin Impact. These enemies are more dangerous when they go in pairs or groups. Moreover, their elemental shields are very hard to break.

To clear a group of Abyss Mages, you should focus on one target first and fight it off before it regenerates a new shield. Then, others are easier to deal with. Anemo and Geo's attacks crack their shields faster. Besides, you can use countering elemental skills to break their shields.

Annoying Abyss Mages
Annoying Abyss Mages

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