The Pyro nation Natlan is the nation of war. Therefore, Genshin Impact players propose that the game should feature only combat commissions in Natlan. Let's check out this idea here.

Idea For Daily Commissions In Natlan

The daily commission is a crucial part of the content of the game. It's the main source of Primogems for F2P Genshin Impact players. You will get 60 Primogems and Adventure EXP per day for completing four daily commissions.

Most daily commissions are easy to complete, while some of them are so simple that they bored many players. Therefore, many Genshin Impact players proposed that daily commissions in Natlan should focus on combat experiences. This idea has got sympathy from around 2.6 thousand Reddit users.

Klees Trip To Natlan
Natlan should feature combat missions.

Each nation has a unique system of commissions. You will realize that these missions repeat. In the future, daily commissions in Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya will be unlocked. Players hope that Genshin Impact will introduce more exciting challenges.

Best Combat Commissions

Combat challenges are often simple but exciting missions in the game. Genshin Impact has many combat commissions in four current nations in Teyvat.

#1. Fungi Buster

It's easy but interesting to encounter Fungi in Sumeru. There are many species of fungi in the wilderness, including Hydro, Dendro, Geo, Anemo fungi, and more. Pyro and Electro fungi are often more dangerous.

You should use Venti, Kazuha, or Sucrose to gather these floating fungi before releasing a powerful burst. Grounded Hydroshroom and Winged Dendroshroom are often the main DPS in Fungi Buster.

Fungi Buster
Fungi Buster quest in Sumeru.

#2. No Honor Among Thieves

"No Honor Among Thieves" is an interesting combat commission in Liyue. Genshin players will go to the camp of Treasure Hoarders marked on the minimap. Then, defeat all enemies to get 10 Primogems.

These Treasure Hoarders are not difficult to defeat. But they often surround your character and attack them from different directions. You should use an Anemo character with crowd-controlling skills to gather these enemies.

No Honor Among Thieves
No Honor Among Thieves

#3. Capsizing Waves

To complete Capsizing Waves, Genshin Impact players have to a Hilichurl camp on a small island. You have to fight off these enemies and clear the island. Knocking them into the ocean is a helpful tip for defeating thirteen enemies.

These enemies will drown and die after falling into the ocean water. Use Jean's skills to blow these small monsters to the sea and heal your HP.

Capsizing Waves
Clear the Hilichurl camp in Capsizing Waves.

#4. Spreading Evil

Spreading Evil is a combat quest in Mondstadt. You will encounter four Hilichurls led by an Abyss Mage. You should defeat the leader of this mob before fighting off small enemies because the Abyss Mage is more dangerous.

The mage has a solid shield. You had better break the shield with Geo and Anemo skills and bursts. Apart from 10 Primogems and Adventure EXP, you also collect some boss drops of the Hilichurls and Abyss Mage.

Spreading Evil
Spreading Evil is a common combat mission.

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