Genshin Impact 3.6 will start on April 11th. You should complete the following tasks right now before the next update is released. Otherwise, you will be busy with update 3.6 if you haven't completed them now.

I. Must-Complete Works Before New Update

The next update will start soon, and you have many works to do before it starts. It helps your game easier during the next version. It's also applicable in every second phase of the current update. You also do these tasks to save Primogems for Update 3.7 during the second phase of Update 3.6.

#1. Farm Primogems

Four banners in Genshin Impact 3.6 are attractive. Therefore, you need a lot of Primogems for Nahida, Baizhu, Nilou, and Ganyu. Here are all sources of Primogems in Genshin Impact 3.5 for players to farm Primogems and Intertwined Fates:

  • Daily Commissions;
  • Archon Quests;
  • The current event Spices from the West;
  • Genius Invokation TCG challenges;
  • World quests and Hangout quests;
  • Spiral Abyss.

Besides, Genshin Impact gives each player 600 Primogems after the maintenance time before the new update starts. Log into the game and claim rewards in the in-game mailbox.

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Tcg Primogems
Play Genius Invokation TCG to earn Primogems.

#2. Complete Remaining Quests

Completing all world and story quests in the current event is optional. During the Livestream program, the game publisher didn't remind players to complete quests in previous updates to unlock new quests in the upcoming update.

But you had better do the remaining content missions before the next version. Then, you will have more time to explore the new area in Sumeru with many new exciting challenges and interesting stories.

Complete Remaining Quests
You should complete the remaining quests, especially archon quests.

#3. Farm Materials For Upcoming Characters

Nilou, Nahida, and Ganyu are three rerun characters. It's easy for most players to farm all materials for them. Therefore, you should farm materials for your favorite character while earning and saving Primogems for their banners.

As two new characters Baizhu and Kaveh will not come until the second phase of the next update, you have much time to upgrade them later.

Farm Materials For Baizhu Kaveh
Farm materials for rerun characters and Baizhu and Kaveh.

#4. Enter Serenitea Pot

Serenitea Pot is also a great source of Primogems and materials. Genshin Impact players will get a lot of Primogems when completing missions and leveling up in the Teapot. Besides, you can buy a lot of rare level-up materials for characters, artifacts, and weapons.

You can construct furnishing sets and invite feature characters to visit these structures. Each character gives you 20 Primogems. There are more favorite sets with many new characters for more Primogems.

Ranks Serenitea Pot
Level up in Serenitea Pot to claim rewards.

#5. Join Current Events

The current Ley Line Overflow is a great source of materials for characters and AR level-up. Don't miss this chance to gather level-up materials for upcoming characters in update 3.6. Besides, the current event Spices from the West gives you 420 Primogems for upcoming banners.

Web event is also a source of Primogems for upcoming banners and materials for your characters. You can follow the official websites and fan pages of the game to update all web events of the game, such as Spring Wonderland.

Genshin Impact Spices From The West
Get 420 Primogems and many rare materials from Spices From The West.

The preparation for Genshin Impact 3.6 is not difficult for hard-working players. You only need to farm as materials and currencies as possible before the new update.

II. Things To Do During New Update

Genshin Impact 3.6 is a big update with various events and activities to do. They are great sources of Primogems and materials. Moreover, you can explore further stories in Teyvat.

#1. Explore New Region

The Girdle of the Sands is a newly unlocked area in Sumeru with lots of puzzles, mechanisms, and materials, such as:

  • Nirodha Fruit
  • Amrita Crystal
  • Fravashi Trees
  • Lost Monument Fragments

You also get a new specific gadget called Sorush to use in this region. It's a new game mode when players switch from characters to the flying companion to spot, collect, and interact with special items.

Genshin Girdle Of Sands Realm Of Farakhkert
Explore the new area Girdle of the Sands in Sumeru.

#2. Take Part In New Events

Genshin Impact 3.6 features many Sumeru-themed events in both the jungle area and deserts. There are a lot of valuable rewards for players, including a free character - Faruzan. Here are all events during this update.

  • A Parade of Providence
  • Fulminating Sandstorm
  • The Recollector's Path
  • Brewing Developments
A Parade Of Providence
A Parade of Providence is the biggest event in Update 3.6.

#3. Defeating New Bosses

New bosses are often sources of materials for new characters in the game. You should challenge and defeat them to learn their gameplay. Challenging new enemies also helps players master every boss and play well in every update. You will need those materials one day when you get the character.

Defeat New Boss
Defeat the new boss in update 3.6.

Those are the best things to do before and during a new update in Genshin Impact. You can apply these rules for every update.

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