Genshin Impact Spices from the West event days 4 to 7 introduced four new seasoning recipes. You need many ingredients for these recipes. Check out the best farming locations for these ingredients.

#1. Flavor of Windrise

"Flavor of Windrise" brings the aroma and tastes of three signature ingredients in this area, including Small Lamp Grass, Dandelion seeds, and Mint. You can collect all these natural materials in the wilderness of Windrise.

In addition, there are some NPC vendors selling them.

  • Mint is sold by Chloris in Windrise.
  • Small Lamp Grass is sold by Flora in Mondstadt City.
  • Dandelion seeds are sold by Babak in Sumeru City and Karpillia in Ritou, Inazuma.

Apart from 10 items of each ingredient sold by these NPCs, you should travel around Windrise to pick up more materials for this seasoning. Then, use these spices to cook more fragrant dishes for characters in Teapot.

Where To Find Small Lamp Grass
Collect the small lamp grass in Windrise.

#2. Mellow Fragrance

"Mellow Fragrance" is the fifth seasoning recipe unlocked in the Spice from the West event. It also requires three ingredients. You have gathered these grasses, berries, and pepper for previous recipes.

  • Small Lamp Grass: Windrise
  • Wolfhook: Wolvendom
  • Pepper: Grocery shops

You just need to return to these old locations to collect them. Players should mark the locations of all necessary ingredients in the wild on the minimap for later farming trips.

Go To Buy Pepper
Go to buy pepper for Mellow Fragrance and other spices.

#3. After Comes The Sweet

The spice "After Comes the Sweet" is a balanced combination of sweetly spicy purple onions, mildly bitter dandelion seeds, and fragrant butter. Here are the best farming locations to get these seasoning ingredients.

  • Onions: buy them in the Grocery shops of Blanche, Dongsheng, Aoi, and Hamawi.
  • Dandelion seeds: collect them in the wild in Windrise and purchase them from NPCs Babak in Sumeru City and Karpillia in Ritou port town, Inazuma.
  • Butter: Buy it from NPC food sellers Rama in Port Omis, Sara in Mondstadt City, and Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn. Besides, you can process milk to get butter.

This is a complicated spice. Therefore, you should collect more ingredients than required for further attempts after failures.

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds
Dandelion grows a lot in Windrise.

#4. Fruits And Cream

You need to combine four horny black berries Wolfhook with a portion of cream in the seasoning recipe of "Fruits and Cream". Then, add a minty aroma to the spice with a Mint. Check out the best farming locations to collect these ingredients.

  • The locations of Wolfhooks and Mints have been suggested above.
  • The cream can be processed from milk or bought from Sara in Mondstadt City.
Go To Buy Cream From Sara
Go to buy cream and other ingredients from Sara's shop in Mondstadt.

After cooking all seven spices from the West successfully three times each, go to the event lobby to claim 420 Primogems from this event. Then, use all these spices to cook fragrant dishes. These seasonings will expire after the event ends.

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