The new event Spices from the West is an abundant source of Primogems for Update 3.6. This reoccurrence event is familiar to many players. The only challenge is collecting enough ingredients for spices. Here are all the ingredient locations for this event.

Spices From The West
Spices From The West event.

I. Cool and Sour-Sweet

The first spice to make is called "Cool and Sour-sweet". Like its name, this spice has the cool flavor of mint, the sour taste of Wolfhook, and the sweetness of Valberry. You can collect all these specialties in Mondstadt. Here are the best locations to collect these ingredients.

  • Mint locations

Mint is a very popular ingredient. You can collect this herb everywhere all over Teyvat. Travelers can collect a lot of mints around Asase Shrine in Inazuma, Windrise and Stormbearer Point in Mondstadt, and near Mount Aocang in Liyue. You can also buy ten mints from Chloris in Windrise.

  • Wolfhook locations

Wolfhook is an exclusive fruit in Mondstadt. When you buy Mints from Chloris, ask her to sell you some thorny berries. Then, pick up all Wolfhook along the way from Cider lake to Wolvendom.

  • Valberry locations

Chloris also sells Valberry. Therefore, you can get enough ingredients for "Cool and Sour-sweet" from this botanist NPC. But you may need to use more Valberries the next day. So, go to farm this berry in Stormbearer Point and around Stormbearer Mountain.

Chloris Shop Genshin Impact
Chloris sells many ingredients for spices in this event.

II. Rich Aroma

The second spice is called "Rich Aroma" because it has many fragrances from pepper and onion. Besides, you need some milk in this recipe. Luckily, all these ingredients are available to purchase from all general goods shops in Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru.

Here are the names of groceries in four current nations. All these stores are located in the capital cities of four countries.

  • Blanche
  • Dongsheng
  • Aoi
  • Hamawi

Each item costs 80 Mora. You can purchase 400 items of each ingredient per day from all these groceries.

General Good Shops
General Good Shops

III. Just Balanced

"Just Balanced" is the third spice to cook in Spice from the West. You also need three ingredients, including pinecone, snapdragon, and mint. Some spice recipes during this event require the same ingredients. That's why you have to pick and save wild fruits and herbs for quick completion.

  • Pinecone locations

Pinecone is more popular in Mondstadt. You can pick some in Liyue in Sumeru. But it's faster to farm this ingredient in Wolvendom, Whispering Woods, and Spring Vales.

  • Snapdragon locations

Snapdragon is an exclusive flower in Mondstadt and Liyue. This plant often grows near water bodies and flows in Teyvat. Go along river banks in these two nations and Falcon Coast to pick this flower. You can also buy this flower from Chlolis.

You can use mints that you collected on Day 1 to make this spice.

Genshin Impact Mint Location
Travelers need a lot of mints in this spice-making event.

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