Mika made his debut in Genshin Impact a week ago as the latest addition to the game's 4-star roster. As a Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius and a Cryo character, players who have acquired him may be wondering how to effectively utilize his abilities. Mika specializes in boosting ATK speed, burst damage, Phys damage, and active healing, making him a unique support character in the game.

He can serve as a Cryo unit in the party to activate Cryo resonance and power up the DPS. This guide will provide recommendations for the 5 optimal teams to pair with Mika.

1. Mika + Eula + Yae Miko + Nahida

395240 Eula Sword Genshin Impact 4k Pc Wallpaper
The best 5-star to go with Mika

When it comes to dealing damage and controlling crowds, this Genshin Impact team is among the best for Eula. Having Nahida and Yae Miko in the team means that players won't need to concern themselves with grouping up enemies. Here are the roles for this composition:

  • Mika: Acts as a healer and buffer for the team.
  • Yae Miko: Plays the role of an off-field Electro enabler.
  • Nahida: Serves as an off-field Dendro support.
  • Eula: Takes on the role of the main Physical DPS.

The team is well-equipped to handle large groups of enemies, as Nahida and Yae Miko's elemental skills can consistently trigger Aggravate reactions. Additionally, Mika, a Cryo unit, will offer Eula buffs to amplify her Physical DMG output during her elemental burst. Furthermore, Yae Miko will activate Superconduct, which will decrease the Physical RES of enemies and enable Eula to deal even more damage.

2. Mika + Eula + Raiden + Zhongli

Eula Genshin
This team can easily maximize Eula's damage

Here are the roles for a Genshin Impact team commonly referred to as the "Eula Hypercarry," as it revolves around providing buffs to Eula to maximize her potential as the main Physical DPS:

  • Mika: Takes on the role of a healer and buffer for the team.
  • Eula: Serves as the primary Physical DPS.
  • Raiden Shogun: Functions as an Electro enabler, battery, and sub-DPS.
  • Zhongli: Provides shields for the team and offers a universal RES shred.

Mika and Zhongli provide various buffs to reduce Physical RES and increase Eula's NA and Burst damage. During this time, Raiden triggers Superconduct reactions while off-the-field. Raiden takes the field when Eula's burst is on cooldown, dealing damage with her burst and acting as a battery.

3. Mika + Razor + Raiden + Layla

Razor is one of the few physical DPS in the game.

Here are the roles for a Genshin Impact team that players can assemble, utilizing Razor and Mika for Physical teams:

  • Mika: Plays the role of a healer and buffer for the team.
  • Razor: Serves as the Electro and Physical DPS.
  • Raiden Shogun: Functions as an Electro enabler, battery, and sub-DPS.
  • Layla: Provides shields for the team and offers buffs to both Normal and Charged DMG.

This team follows similar principles to the aforementioned Eula compositions. The key difference lies in the addition of Cryo unit Layla, who provides a shield and additional opportunities for Razor to activate Superconduct. If Layla has a C4 constellation, she can also provide Normal and Charged DMG buffs to the active characters.

4. Mika + Ayato + Layla + Yelan

Genshinimpact Kamisatoayato Featured 2
Ayato would be useful in a Mika Freeze team.

Here are the roles for a Genshin Impact Freeze team that utilizes Mika's speed buff:

  • Mika: Takes on the roles of healer and buffer for the team.
  • Ayato: Functions as the Hydro DPS.
  • Layla: Provides shields for the team and offers Normal & Charged DMG buff.
  • Yelan: Acts as an enabler, provides Hydro Resonance, and DMG buff.

With two Cryo and Hydro units in the team, players can take advantage of two useful resonances. All characters in the composition will benefit from increased HP. By freezing enemies, team members can consistently deal critical damage.

5. Mika + Zhongli + Yunjin + Rosaria

Zhongli Genshin
Players can also use Zhongli as a Physical attacker.

This Genshin Impact team is unique and yet, it works exceptionally well with Mika. Here are the roles for each character:

  • Mika: Healer and buffer
  • Zhongli: Main Physical DPS & Shielder
  • Yunjin: Geo Battery, Normal ATK DMG buffer, and Geo Resonance
  • Rosaria: Cryo Sub-DPS & Physical RES debuffer

Zhongli will act as the main damage dealer in this team, as he has quick normal attack animations. Each member of the team has unique buffs in their kit. Mika, Yunjin, and Zhongli provide Physical buffs and healing, while Yunjin also offers Normal ATK DMG buff and Geo Resonance. Rosaria provides Cryo Resonance and Physical RES debuff to the enemies.

Pros and Cons of Mika


  • Mika is a unique support character who can act as a physical buffer and healer, making him versatile in a team.
  • Provides ATK Speed buffs as well.
  • Can heal effectively over a large area. Cons:


  • Mika has low personal damage output.
  • Most of his additional buffs are only unlocked with constellations.
  • Mika requires high Energy Recharge to maintain his rotation.
  • His buffs are most effective against multiple enemies, which may not always be available.
  • Cryo Infliction is limited to his Elemental Skill.

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