Genshin Impact players can invite characters in the Teapot to try their favorite fragrant dishes to increase Companionship EXP. Check out the top Genshin food that most characters like in the Spices from the West event.

#1. Sticky Honey Roast

You can give a delicious Sticky Honey Roast to 17 characters in the Teapot. This adventurer's dish is a simple Mondstadt local food. You need three following ingredients to cook a sticky honey roast.

  • Raw Meat
  • Carrot
  • Sugar

Then, use the new fragrant spices to cook a delicious Sticky Honey Roast for Diluc, Yaoyao, Beidou, Amber, and more. These ingredients are available to purchase from food vendors or collect in the wilderness.

Sticky Honey Roast
Sticky Honey Roast

#2. Northern Smoked Chicken

You should cook Northern Smoked Chicken successfully 15 times for Spices from the West. Barbara, Collei, Xiao, and twelve other characters like this dish. It's easy to cook this dish from the three following popular ingredients.

  • Smoked Fowl
  • Cabbage
  • Onion

Smoked fowl can be made from fresh fowl or bought from Sara. You can buy up to 400 cabbages and onions from four groceries in Teyvat.

Spices From The West Characters Guide
Give characters their favorite dishes.

#3. Sunshine Sprat

Albedo, Alhaitham, Razor, Heizou, and thirteen other characters love delicious Sunshine Sprat. You can get this recipe from Albedo's Story Quest. Then, collect the four ingredients below to cook this based dish.

  • Fish
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Small Lamp Grass

Catch fish and collect small lamp grass in the wilderness or purchase fish from fishermen all around Teyvat. Buy salt and butter from food shops, restaurants, and groceries.

Sunshine Sprat
Sunshine Sprat

#4. Mint Jelly

You should cook delicious Mint Jelly 14 times successfully to make fragrant dishes four 14 characters. You need only two popular ingredients to cook this dish.

  • Mint
  • Sugar

Mint grows everywhere in Teyvat. Besides, you can make sugar from Sweet flowers or purchase it from some food shops. Then, use the seasonings you have made during the event to cook fragrant Mint Jelly for Raiden Shogun, Sucrose, and twelve other characters.

Get Mint To Make Mint Jelly
Get mint to make mint jelly

#5. Tea Break Pancake

Tea Break Pancake is a local food of Mondstadt. You need three ingredients to make a delicious dish. Then, you can make fragrant dishes for Nahida, Nilou, Dori, and eleven other characters.

  • Berry
  • Bird Egg
  • Flour

Berry and bird eggs are very popular in the open world of Teyvat or Expedition. You can also buy eggs from Ashpazi and Draff. Besides, Genshin players can make flour from wheat.

Tea Break Pancake
Tea Break Pancake

#6. Steak

You need two pieces of fresh meat to make a delicious steak for fragrant steak. Fourteen characters love this dish. You can hunt animals in the wilderness for fresh meat or purchase it from Ashpazi, Azalai, and Draff. It's also available to get from Expeditions.

#7. Mondstadt Grilled Fish

Mondstadt Grilled Fish is one of the top-liked fragrant dishes in Spices from the West. Fish and pepper are the two main ingredients for this Mondstadt local food. Mika, Klee, Keqing, and ten other characters like this dish.

Spices From The West Characters
Best dishes to cook in Spices From The West.

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