Alongside their engaging character design and storyline, Genshin Impact also attracts players for the mysteries that lie in every detail of the game.

Although many new features have been introduced over the last few updates, such as new characters, new lands and a new TCG mode; casually exploring the world of Teyvat and getting rewards from chests stay a feel-good experience that everyone likes.

While most chests require fighting to be opened, do you know some hidden Precious chest just require players to follow random animals? If you want to stack up every Primogem and Mora possible for upcoming banners, you won't want to miss these simple yet rewarding achievements.

Toratarou on Jinren Island

A Genshin Impact fan on Reddit (u/Miguelplayz22) has shared a cute way to obtain a Precious Chest in Inazuma. With the help of a dog called Toratarou locked in a cage on Jinren Island, you will be good to go.

Toratarou Chest
Free Toratarou from his cage and follow him until you see a hidden Precious chest.

In detail, after reaching this location and defeating Nobushi that was guarding the cage, you need to use 1 Metal Key from your inventory to set Toratarou free. This will help you unlock the "Who Let the Dogs Out" achievement.

The job is not done here. Players will have to follow the dog until reaching the north of the island, then a half-buried Precious Chest will be there waiting for you to open.

Tommy in Vissudha Field

Another achievement you may want to do is The Lengthy Reunion. Do note that this will test your patience a bit as you need to accompany a giant lost animal without killing it or starting any battle on the way.

The Lengthy Reunion
Follow this sumpter beast and accompany it until the end of the journey to get a hidden achievement (creds to owner).

Follow the steps below to complete the quest:

  • Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Vissudha Field in Sumeru, left of Yazadaha Pool close to the underwater waypoint.
  • Head north like in the screencap and you will come across a walking sumpter beast called Tommy. This is the beginning of the Lengthy Reunion achievement.
  • Follow Tommy patiently.
  • As it stops at an Emerite camp, you will also meet its owner who is an Eremite Crossbow. Just defeat him without killing Tommy.

Once you have successfully defeated the owner, you will see an exquisite chest and hidden achievement "The Lengthy Reunion" being unlocked. Besides the exquisite chest and 5 Primogems from the achievement, you will also get:

  • Mora
  • 2x Dendro Sigil
  • Hero’s Wit

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