When you get a character in Genshin Impact to their Constellation 6, you will get 5 Starglitter from a 4-star character and 25 Starglitter from a 5-star unit. Not only that, your roster will unlock new additions to their power. To this matter, several fans have guessed what events would happen if their Genshin characters get C7.

A Reddit user has proposed their hypothesis over how C7 character Genshin Impact would perform. And here are some deets for you to make comment on.

C7 Genshin
C7 5-star and 4-star character Genshin Impact theories.


When Bennett gets his C7, he will get a bonus effect on his Elemental Burst - Fantastic Voyage. It will periodically deal Pyro DMG to closeby opponents and when an enemy gets struck, his skill would store 5 Energy particles while also decreasing the Elemental Skill cooldown time for the active unit.

Several players pointed out that Bennett would turn out too powerful with this buff and he will become even more popular in roster choices. For those unknown, Bennett is already one of the strongest 4-star characters that make it to the list of most used characters in Spiral Abyss floor 12.

On another hand, some claimed that Bennett's C6 actually limits his flexibility so they would get C7 for him (if it existed) to avoid this problem.


Bennett Barbara Fischl Posted By Ulloviendo
u/lloviendo proposal of C7 Genshin Impact character changes.

With C7 for Barbara, her Elemental Skill's AoE effect would increase by 50%. Also, her team's Bloom damage may also enhance by 50%.

This feature would solve one of her biggest problems which is her skill's humble AoE effect range. This feature may make the aspiring idol a better pick for the infamous Bloom team that usually includes characters whose visions are Dendro and Hydro elements.


Another C7 character Genshin Impact, Fischl, is expected to gain stacks based off the opponents hit by Oz, max three stacks. Each of the stacks would let her following Charged Attack deal AoE damage while the charge time could be decreased in half.

Many replies in the thread said that these changes would enhance her pick rate among many 4-star Genshin Impact characters.


Amber C7
What would happen when there was a C7 Amber?

Amber's power is tied to her Baron Bunny so this means the 7th constellation might improve her normal attacks and change them into charged aim shots for a while.

With this change, she would get increased ATK damage that enhances the Fiery Rain's total damage by 25% of her attack stat, when each charged shot is connected with an enemy.


Lisa's 7th constellation is called Lightning Rose and it boosts her Elemental Mastery by 25 percent for a burst attack's duration. At the end of her C7 constellation burst, the librarian would get 0.3% of her total EM in energy. It can be utilized then for more damage on whatever kind of enemy that Lisa faces in the game.


Other characters including Karya or Klee also have their own C7 theories. While Kaeya's C7 might be brief, it would still remain useful as his ATK power is increased by 25%, boosting his weapon with Cryo for 4s.

Klee is already an imploding bomb at her C0. Imagine what she would become with the seventh. This C7 5-star Genshin Impact character is expected to blow the whole town up as her naughtiness will be even more mindblowing.

C7 Klee
A C7 Klee would destroy everything in her way.

Though Hoyoverse has not added new constellations to their characters, this may be a concept that they should look into in the future.

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