In the forthcoming update of Genshin Impact 3.6, players will have access to two new artifact sets - the Nymph's Dream and Vourukasha’s Glow. These sets offer unique advantages that can greatly enhance a character's combat performance. Both sets offer specific benefits that are best suited for certain characters and teams.

This article will focus on the Vourukasha’s Glow set and showcase the characters would be most proficient in using it to their advantage in Genshin Impact.

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Vourukasha’s Glow

About Vourukasha's Glow Artifact set

Genshin Impact has revealed the details of the upcoming Vourukasha’s Glow set in the livestream for v3.6. While the two-piece set gives a 20% HP boost, the four-piece set increases damage dealt with Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst by 10%.

Additionally, if the character with the set takes damage, the damage bonus mentioned above will be further boosted by 80% of the previous one for five seconds. This increase can occur up to five times, and each stack's duration is measured independently.

Although Vourukasha's Glow set in version 3.6 of Genshin Impact is only suitable for a limited number of characters, it would be worthwhile to wait and see if HoYoverse introduces more characters that can take advantage of the set's characteristics and benefits.

Best characters to use Vourukasha's Glow


Currently, Dehya is the most suitable character for the Vourukasha's Glow artifact set, as she can effectively utilize its bonus effects. Dehya has the ability to act as a tank, shielding her teammates from harm, as well as a secondary damage dealer and off-field support, which enhances her damage output.

Genshin Impact Dehya
She is pretty weak and could definitely use an artifact set that was designed around her kit.

Dehya's Elemental Skill, Molten Inferno, can take advantage of both the two-piece and four-piece artifact set. When using this skill, Dehya creates a field that deals area-of-effect Pyro damage based on her ATK and HP. This buff is triggered when an opponent within the Pyro field receives damage. This is particularly useful when paired with the four-piece artifact passive, which accumulates damage bonuses along with the Skill buff.


In Genshin Impact, Nilou is a support character with a Hydro element and has become popular for her role in Dendro teams. Through her ascension passives, she can effectively execute Bloom reactions with substantial damage.

Nilou Genshin Impact

Moreover, Nilou's ascension passives also provide a damage bonus of up to 400% for every 1000 points of Max HP above 30,000. The two-piece set of Vourukasha's Glow can provide her with additional HP percentage.


Yelan is a five-star character in Genshin Impact with a Hydro element. Her Elemental Skill and Burst inflict Hydro damage based on her maximum HP, and this damage output can be increased with the two-piece set of Vourukasha's Glow.


Moreover, the four-piece set of Vourukasha's Glow can boost Yelan's performance in a team by increasing her Skill and Burst damage.


Kokomi is a healing character in Genshin Impact, and the effectiveness of her healing ability is linked to her Max HP. Equipping the two-piece artifact set of Vourukasha's Glow can enhance her healing by providing an HP boost.

Kokomi Genshin Impact

In addition, Kokomi's Burst provides buffs to her Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Skill damage based on her Max HP.

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