Genshin Impact update 3.6 has added another weekly boss and its name is Guardian of Apep's Oasis. Defeating it will grant you ascension materials for Kaveh, Baizhu, and more. Some of these props are Worldspan Fern and Primordial Greenbloom.

So how can you find this enemy and how to defeat Guardian of Apep's Oasis?

Guardian of Apep's Oasis location

The new update also released new areas such as Realm of Farakhkert and Gavireh Lajavard. First, you need to arrive at a new domain - The Realm of Beginnings like the location in the map and open it.

Also, you have to defeat this opponent at the end of Dendro Archon Nahida's Story Quest "Sapienta Oromasdis Chapter: Act II - Homecoming".

Location Apeps Oasis Genshin Impact
Location of Apep's Oasis Genshin Impact. Make sure you complete the Story Quest for Nahida first.

After this, you can challenge this terrifying-looking Dendro dragon any time, only once a week.

Some players have pointed out that this enemy may not be as strong as other weekly opponents, but it actually depends on each player's opinion.

Guardian of Apep's Oasis weakness

The Guardian of Apep's Oasis in Genshin Impact does not have a specific elemental weakness.

However, players commonly find that Electro attacks are effective against its shields. They allow them to deplete its energy and make it vulnerable to further damage. Additionally, characters with abilities that can disrupt or stun enemies, such as those with Anemo or Geo elements, may also provide strategic advantages during the encounter.

For a detailed guide to fight this weekly boss, read below!

How to defeat Guardian of Apep's Oasis Genshin Impact

There are 3 phases when fighting this enemy. The first phase is quite easy to clear.

In the second phase called Revitalizing, players need to protect the "Heart of Oasis" by defeating a wave of enemies. You can check the revitalizing bar on the top of the screen. The bar will progress as you deal with the surrounding enemies. Your job is to keep the enemies from hitting the Heart or else the bar will decrease.

On another hand, to quickly defeat these opponents, you can get rid of the Protecting Profilerating Organism. Once you do this, the shields around your opponents will disappear and you can actually deal heavier damage.

How To Defeat Guardian Of Apeps Oasis Genshin Impa
Destroy the Protecting Profilerating Organism to remove the opponents' shields and deal more damage.

As the revitalization process is complete, players will enter the last phase of the battle. Here, the Guardian of Apep's Oasis will release attacks with large AoE.

During these attacks, players can briefly enter Shield of Revival's Hymn and avoid taking further damage. The boss can be dealt with as the attacks reach an end.

How To Defeat Guardian Of Apeps Oasis Genshin Impa
Get into these bubbles to protect yourself from the enemy's rain attack.

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Best characters to fight Guardian of Apep's Oasis

Any character can be suitable to fight with this Dendro enemy with proper builds. But as Guardian of Apep's Oasis is a Dendro boss and the Grass Dragon has a 70% resistance to this element, Dendro characters might not be a good suit considering the immune system.

The best option for you to get rid of the boss is to make sure to stand far from it. To prevent yourself from suffering from danger and deal elemental attacks from a distance, just use characters who are skilled at charged attacks.

For example, you can use Yoimiya or Ganyu as the main DPS. Their shots can deal a lot of single target damage from afar.

Yoimiya Grass
You can use DPS that can deal great damage from afar like Ganyu or Yoimiya.

On another hand, make sure to feature supports and healers to trigger various elemental reactions. Using shield characters is also a great choice.

Guardian of Apep's Oasis drops

The Guardian of Apep’s Oasis is known to drop materials that are essential for leveling up talents for characters like Baizhu, Kaveh, and Kirara. Additionally, it yields Dendro minerals, along with various other notable items, as listed below:

  • Worldspan Fern
  • Primordial Greenbloom
  • Everamber
  • Nagadus Emerald Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones
  • Gladiator’s Finale Artifacts
  • Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts
  • Dream Solvent
  • Midlander Sword, Bow, Catalyst, Claymore, and Polearm Billets
  • Mora
  • Adventure EXP
Guardian Of Apeps Oasis Drops
Guardian of Apep's Oasis drops are essential items you can use for many purposes.

Hopefully this guide will help you defeat Genshin Impact Guardian of Apep's Oasis. For more boss fight and useful guides, make sure you catch up with's updates.