Baizhu has been released today. Check out all must-avoid mistakes when using Baizhu in Genshin Impact. Avoiding these mistakes helps you play better with this new character.

#1. Focus On ATK

As his damage scales with ATK, many players only focus on this status when building his skill. However, it makes you miss other essential statuses of Baizhu, such as shield, healing, and Ascension Passive skills. These skills scale with his HP. Therefore, you need to focus on his HP status.

Baizhu Elemental Skill
Focus on Baizhu's HP to boost his shield and healing skills.

#2. Lack Of Energy Recharge

Baizhu needs a great amount of Energy Recharge to use his elemental burst more frequently. He will summon a solid Dendro shield with his burst. You can use artifacts, weapons, and teammates to build ER for him. Raiden Shogun is a good battery for Baizhu and the whole team. Moreover, they can trigger Aggravation reactions.

Baizhu Genshin
Recharge his energy to activate his elemental burst more often.

#3. Ignore Ascension Passive

The active character will get a Year of Verdant Favor when his shield breaks. It's a great benefit from ascension passive talent. It not only increases DMG for every attack but also boosts the elemental reaction DMG. You should keep the main DPS in the shield to deal higher DMG to enemies.

#4. Be Unaware Of Healing Skill

Baizhu has two ways to heal the team, from elemental skill and burst. This character will release a Gossamer Sprite to attack enemies. Then, the Sprite will heal all party members when it returns to the on-field unit. But when he uses the elemental burst, Baizhu can heal only the active character after his Seamless Shield expires or breaks.

Genshin Impact Best Team Comps For Baizhu
Baizhu can heal either the active character or the whole team with his skill and burst.

#5. Be Unaware Of Elemental Burst

Baizhu's elemental burst has many helpful effects for both the active character and the whole party. It makes him an excellent Dendro enabler.

  • Summoning a Dendro shield to protect the whole team.
  • Healing the active character after the shield breaks.
  • Increasing the DMG of the active character when they get a Year of Verdant Favor.
  • Applying Dendro element to the enemy.

He can help the main DPS trigger powerful reactions, such as Blooming, Aggravation, Burning, and more.

Genshin Impact Baizhu
His elemental burst is very helpful and supportive.

#6. Use Baizhu As The Main DPS

Baizhu cannot take the main DPS role in any team. Instead, you should make use of his shield and healing abilities to exploit this Dendro enabler in the position of a supporter. He can replace a healer and a shielder to spend a party slot for a sub-DPS or another main DPS in your team.

Using Baizhu effectively makes your team stronger. This character can play as both header and shielder to keep the whole team safe and alive.

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