Genshin Impact In Truth Steps is a leisure activity in the A Parade of Providence event. It has a unique quiz gameplay that you only see in Sumeru. Check out the right answers to the truth's steps here.

I. In Truth's Steps Gameplay

Haravatat is an interesting quiz game in the Akademiya Extravaganza event. It has three parts with three different stories but the same gameplay. Follow these steps to play Haravatat.

  1. Complete the event quest 'Comings and Goings' to unlock the event.
  2. Talk to the NPC in Sumeru City
  3. Listen to the story of the day
  4. Analyze the story and find the truth by answering questions.

After gathering clues from answers and hints from Bahar, you can find the truth. If you want to skip the analysis step and complete the minigame quickly, find the right answers in the next parts.

Genshin Impact In Truth Steps Npc
Genshin Impact NPC in Haravatat quiz game.

II. In Truth's Steps Day 1

The story on day 1 of the event is about a Forest Ranger team in Sumeru and Beydim, a special messenger Dusk Bird. Asti, a Forest Ranger released Beydim to send her colleagues a message about a storm after observing the wild beast.

The messenger bird flew through the storm to bring messages to other Forest Rangers. That's why it got wet. It's an easy story to understand and analyze. Check out the answers to the truth about this story revealed below.

Truth Day 1
Answers to the truth on Day 1 of the event.

III. In Truth's Steps Day 2

The second story of the event is about Bahera and his mentor. The man mistakenly took away the office key of his mentor on his trip. Therefore, he must send the key to his mentor via a letter back to Akademiya. Dashan staff member was in charge of passing the letter.

However, both the letter and the key insides were dropped through the letter slot of the door and stuck inside the office. It made the mentor got angry. Here are all answers you must choose after analyzing the story.

Truth Day 2
Answers to questions on Day 2 of the Haravatat event.

The third story will be unlocked soon. Return to the game on May 3rd to complete the minigame. There are five other minigames of the event for participants to play while waiting for the third part of the event.

IV. In Truth's Steps Day 3

In the last part of the event, Bahar told Traveler the story about Wisdom Gala taking place in Sumeru. All participants in the gala will get a 3-day leave permit. But there was a Leave Permit Slip left in the box. Your mission is to find out the reason.

In The Truth Step Day 3
All answers to the third story of 'In The Truth Step'.

V. In Truth's Steps Rewards

After completing the opening quest of Haravatat, players will get 10,000 Mora and 4 Adventurer's Experience books. Besides, you can claim the following rewards for completing each story during the event.

  • Primogem x30
  • Gala Excitement x100
  • Hero's Wit x3
  • Random elemental fragments for character ascensions x3
  • Random Guides for Talent Level-Up x4
Find The Truth To Get Rewards
Find the truth successfully to get rewards

Therefore, you can earn 90 Primogems in total only by answering easy questions. Besides, Gala Excitement points are crucial for participants to get a free Faruzan. This free 4-star character is the grand reward in the event 'A Parade of Providence'.

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